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Mayan Power Animal Vision Quest Equinox Virtual Retreat & Ceremony

Experience the Equinox in a 2 hour online CEREMONY & Home/Land cleansing and blessing (yours too!) with Akasha & the Maya- Aztec BlissLife Ceremonial Team + Meet Your Medicine Power Animal – I will pull a Medicine Animal Power Card for Each of you!

Here’s Your Chance to Experience Deep Transformation from the comfort of your home in this ALL NEW LIVE Virtual Ceremony with Nan Akasha & Flor y Canto Maya-Aztec Ceremonial Team LIVE from the Ancient land & waters of the Yucatan Emerald coast.

The Equinox is a powerful opportunity to pass thru a Portal for your Awakening and now your POWER ANIMALS are calling you to come on a VISION QUEST and Open your Heart to your new destiny.

This is a 2 hour Ceremony with Q&A with Cristian and the Mayan dancers at the end. It was recorded live on the Equinox Power Day Friday Sept 23. If you purchase it at any time, you may email us and I will pull a Power Animal Medicine Card for you. 

Join me at my beach home with the amazing Mayan Aztec ancestral ceremony and dance team as they offer you Ancient wisdom on the equinox and how to connect with power animals for guidance and strength.

Half Price Special – Only $44!

(Reg. $88)

Mayan Power Animal Equinox Vision Quest

Virtual Retreat Sept. 22 & 23, 2022

From our Online ceremony within Cristian and Flor y Canto 2020-2021

Experience an Ancient & Future Sacred Activation with Akasha & Mayan Ceremonial dancers!


It is the time of the Great AWAKENING and time of UNITY!

This Special Equinox Sacred Vision Quest with the Power Animals will bring you into the land of the wise ancestors, and cross the equinox portal with Jaguar, hummingbird, flamingo, dolphin and more of the power animal council.

This is a rare opportunity to experience a powerful SACRED MAYAN & AZTEC BLENDED CEREMONY from the comfort of your own home.

The opening part of the ceremony will begin with MY SPECIAL SACRED HOME INITIATION! (This will also bless and cleanse you and your home  while I do mine). I will guide a sacred initiation naming ceremony of my home on the beach to be “Casa Ixchel”.

I am honored for you to join me as we share the land, the energies and Ixchel the Maya Goddess of the Rainbow, Moon and Abundance.

You get INSTANT ACCESS to the videos!

During this special ceremony you will receive a Copal Cleansing and protection, a calling to the Earth Mother and announcing who you are. The Mayan Aztec ceremony team will accompany me to assist in calling energies and celebrating.

As you go with me on this blessing ritual and connection to the ancient powers in the land and waters, this will spread out through the ethers to bring this blessing and cleansing to your land/home, and other lands/homes.

In Lak’ech Ala Kin – We are one!

I all in the elementals and directions with the Mayan Prayer to the 7 Directions (you will receive this pdf as my gift).

We will cleanse and bless the land, the plants, the animals, the waters, the home and all the energies in our ocean sanctuary

After my part of the vision quest Cristian of Flor y Canto will teach us new insights from the ancestors and lead a powerful ceremony.

The Power Animals have started to talk, like thy are rising from the earth and calling to connect and walk with us again.

The equinox is a portal of balance to lead you to the next higher evolution of you. This transition is an important “coming of age” type experience, because you are releasing, healing, shedding, remembering, and renewing.

Your power Animal(s) are ready to walk with you!

I have orchestrated these powerfully cleansing and transformational ceremonies in person for my BlissLife retreats for over 5 years.

I am honored to create a global ceremonial gathering space where we can cleanse, purify, connect to the ancestors, create the future earth, and go through these huge cosmic portals (eclipses, equinoxes, solstices, Lions Gate…) together. This is a way to keep us tuned in and on our path as we awaken to our true powers and purpose.

These online events have been very transformational and even participants who had been to one in person were moved to tears.

If you feel called to be in sacred space and ceremony to move through this next ascension portal and major transformation then secure your spot now. This fee supports many dancers and ceremonial leaders who keep their sacred work going even in these challenging times.

YOU MAY DONATE A TIP TO THE CEREMONY TEAM HERE. They receive 100% of what you give, so even $1 makes a difference, thanks!

Akasha & Cristian will be your Ceremony Leaders

Reactions to the Previous Mayan Sacred BlissLife Ceremonies Online

“I love you, so grateful for you, for the light you’ve ushered into my life that’s connecting me to my magic and power. Tears streamed from my eyes through the whole ceremony. Thank you beautiful one, bless your beautiful heart. If I were there, I’d hug you for a while also! ” DN

“That was AMAZING!!!!!! OMFG WOW
I am supercharged Grrrrrrl – Cristian is AMAZING TOO.
That gave me the code and language for what I am going to say tomorrow.

“Thanks so much! The ritual was beautiful and powerful!” IG

“This was a beautiful, powerful, and amazing ceremony. Akasha set the space so completely that we flowed seamlessly into the ceremony at Sacbe, in Playa del Carmen.

I have been in a ceremony with these people before, and the energy was the same. I felt the white sage as Akasha opened and cleansed us, the power of the Sirian Beings who each gave us a gift, the beauty of the healing chamber, and all those amazing beings around us.

I felt I could almost smell the clouds of copal, feel the rush of air of the movement of the dancers, feel the heartbeat of the drum in my heart, my body, my spirit, and my soul. I felt my feet on that sacred ground,

I felt the presence of the Jaguar Dancers, of the sacred ocelot (represented by the hide, held with reverence throughout the ceremony), felt the heat of the fire.

At one point towards the end of the dance, I felt myself sinking so deep I nearly left consciousness and had to bring myself back, to be able to watch and witness fully.

It was a powerful and deep experience, and I feel I have owned my inner gold-ray and lion energy, even more, and walked — or, rather, Danced — through the Lion’s Gate with Grace, Harmony, and Ease.

Thank You, Akasha, and Cristian, and the dancers, and Carlitos who hosted, for bringing this deep and powerful experience of the jungle, of the sacredness of indigenous cultures and ritual, the wisdom we all can share as our own, the connection to this beautiful sacred earth, to me in my living room, and to us all.” JL

Welcome to BlissLife Sacred Ceremonies Online with Akasha
Mayan-Aztec Equinox Ceremony


I combine as many transformational elements as I can in these online virtual retreats. Please watch for my LIVE Retreats to take your experience to the next level. The metamorphosis you experience in all my events is powerfully aligned to your highest good. Through sacred places, rituals, ceremonies, energy healings, sacred geometry and symbols you free yourself from lack and rise into the abundant, loving being you were designed to be.
Through incense, herbs, music, stones and even foods like Mayan/Aztec/Cacao/Sacred ceremonies you find healing, wholeness and new messages for your next steps. We create ceremonies with local Light workers, sound healers, Mayan and Aztec Shamanic ceremony leaders and healers. We find the optimal sacred space for these ceremonies, adding to the depth and beauty of the experience. This is Cristian in the photos, our Aztec friend who has led many live and online ceremonies for us.

Please join this sacred ceremony and support yourself and the people holding these sacred energies for the planet's re-awakening. You will be a part of a global gathering and a powerful sacred experience that will help you pass through the equinox portal in a sacred, protected way. We send you many blessings and great gratitude for being a pillar of light on this journey of transformation.

Some of your ceremony team - Akasha, Chris, Cristian & Vianey