LightBody™ School 2021

LB Healing Energy Essentials Program

For Healing - Manifestation - Spiritual Growth - Abundance - Soul Purpose - Intuitive Development - Life Creation

I highly recommend the LightBody Healing training class….so very powerful! Love and Light to ALL – Michelle Casto”

Yes! I'm ready to Join LightBody School!Yes! I'm ready to Join LightBody School!


Welcome beautiful being of light!

I am so honored you are here and have heard the call within your heart to know more of the truth of who you are and to take back your power to create your life on purpose!

Are you ready to learn the secrets to heal and align your body, mind, emotions, and spirit with your Soul’s purpose and flow of abundance?

In my LightBody School, I combine ancient wisdom with cutting-edge science. I make the mysterious simple, and give you a life-altering experience that awakens your Soul and (360) senses. I blend Universal truths, energy healing, sacred geometry, and mysteries into practical energy tools, and multidimensional experiences so you can tune into your flow of abundance.

You can learn how to quickly feel and move energy, freeing yourself from lifelong patterns of frustration, anxiety, pain, lack of money, low self-worth, or an unclear purpose. You can master your moods and thoughts, unhook from old beliefs and fears and create your life the way you most love it.

The LightBody School is an Experience. You learn both through knowledge beautifully presented with stellar graphics and trainings, and through activations and practice. Everything you learn is then channeled into easy-to-use tools, processes, systems, and programs so it becomes a part of your habits and daily life.

Freedom is my #1 value, so I created this to show you how to free yourself and empower yourself to create the life you came here to live.

The Energy Essentials Program is for everyone, from age 1 -111. The LightBody Healing system awakens the wisdom within you like a manual for creating your reality. It opens you to the energy FLOW of the field of infinite potential. Now you can finally ACCEPT and enjoy being a Divine creator in a human body in a Universe of energy. It’s exactly what you have been looking for, even if you never knew it.

If you are tired of learning lots of new information and still feeling stuck, like you do not know what to do at the moment when you have fear, confusion or negative thoughts come up… then the LightBody™Healing Energy Essentials Program is perfect for you!

If you are overwhelmed with many different ideas, systems, and philosophies that make you feel good at the moment, but leave you still seeking a solution to make tangible changes in your life – then the LightBody™Healing Energy Essentials Program is your next step.

If you long to increase intuition, connection to your higher self, light guides, animal guides, and your Akashic records, AND a system to apply what you learn instantly… then the LightBody™Healing Energy Essentials Program has appeared in your awareness at this time for a reason.

I invite you to speak with me and we can gently explore what the Energy Essentials Program can serve your highest good and assist you in gaining your goals, lifestyle, career, and solutions, while following your bliss.

Email [email protected] and we can find a time to chat! Your life purpose, health, happiness, and yes, even your wealth, depends on you becoming the master of energy flow.

Abundant Love,

Akasha (aka Nan), CHT, DHOM, MM, KM, GM, LBHP
Fairy Godmother
Founder LightBody School, LightBody Healing, BlissLife Retreats,
CoFounder BlissLife Press

LightBody Healing Essentials Program Curriculum 2021


LightBody™ Energy Awakening: Infinity Light Weaving™ + Gratitude Power Program


LightBody™ Energy Alignment: Vibrational Manifestation & Truth Testing, Rate & State


LightBody™ Energy Structure: Adjustment & Healing Processes & Spiritual Anatomy


LightBody™ Energy Attunement18 Chakra System & Palm Portal Activation, Process


LightBody™ Energy Remedies: Power Programs; PreProgrammed & Multidimensional


LightBody™ Energy Alchemy: Real Life Healing Practice and Sample LightBody Adjustment Sessions


LightBody™ Energy Alchemy: Intuitive & Psychic Development Accelerators, Mysteries, Initiations 


Video Trainings, Activations, Meditations, Flow Charts, Checklists, Full-Color Tools, Vibrationally Encoded Graphics and Templates, Sample Healings, Daily Routines, 24/7 Access, 24/7 Private Group, 12 LIVE Interactive Practice, Attunement & Q & A Calls (Recorded), Community

NEW "Increase Your Wealth Esteem"
When You get the Full LBHEE Package:
Processes, Cleanses & Tools to use LBH for money (no additional cost)

  •  Heal Your Money Guilt & Shame

  •  Melt Your Money Blocks

  •  Uncover Self Esteem Double Binds

  •  Free Yourself from Sales Fears

  •  Ask for, receive, give and grow money with ease

  •  Open Your Inner Eye to where the money, clients, opportunities and success are for you

  •  Reclaim Your Natural Abundance Stream

LightBody Healing for Money
Work with Money Energy Patterns Multidimensionally to Erase Money Blocks &
Create Cash-FLOW

  •  Infinity light weaving for Clearing Money Blocks & Creating cashflow – new training for module 1 (M1)

  •  Testing and changing your money frequency: Increasing your ‘Wealth vibe’ – new training for module 2 (M2)

  •  The Money Cleanse Process (M3)

  •  Money Chakra Clearing Process (M4)

  •  The Abundance Power Program and Process (M5)

  •  The Self Esteem Power Program and Process (M5)

  •  The Success Accelerator Process (M6)

LightBody Healing Essentials Program Curriculum 2021

Module 1LightBody™ Energy Awakening: Infinity Light Weaving™ + Gratitude Power Program

Module 2: LightBody™ Energy Alignment: Vibrational Manifestation & Truth Testing, Rate & State

Module 3: LightBody™ Energy Structure: Adjustment & Healing Processes & Spiritual Anatomy

Module 4: LightBody™ Energy Attunement18 Chakra System & Palm Portal Activation, Process

Module 5: LightBody™ Energy Remedies: Power Programs; PreProgrammed & Multidimensional

Module 6: LightBody™ Energy Alchemy: Real Life Healing Practice and Sample LightBody Adjustment Sessions

Module 7: LightBody™ Energy Alchemy: Intuitive & Psychic Development Accelerators, Mysteries, Initiations

Includes: Video Trainings, Activations, Meditations, Flow Charts, Checklists, Full Color Tools, Vibrationally Encoded Graphics and Templates, Sample Healings, Daily Routines, 24/7 Access, 24/7 Private Group, 12 LIVE Interactive Practice, Attunement & Q & A Calls (Recorded), Community Calls

LightBody Healing Essentials Program Curriculum 2021

Module 1LightBody™ Energy Awakening: Infinity Light Weaving™ + Gratitude Power Program

Module 2: LightBody™ Energy Alignment: Vibrational Manifestation & Truth Testing, Rate & State

Module 3: LightBody™ Energy Structure: Adjustment & Healing Processes & Spiritual Anatomy

Module 4: LightBody™ Energy Attunement18 Chakra System & Palm Portal Activation, Process

Module 5: LightBody™ Energy Remedies: Power Programs; PreProgrammed & Multidimensional

Module 6: LightBody™ Energy Alchemy: Real Life Healing Practice and Sample LightBody Adjustment Sessions

Module 7: LightBody™ Energy Alchemy: Intuitive & Psychic Development Accelerators, Mysteries, Initiations

Includes: Video Trainings, Activations, Meditations, Flow Charts, Checklists, Full Color Tools, Vibrationally Encoded Graphics and Templates, Sample Healings, Daily Routines, 24/7 Access, 24/7 Private Group, 12 LIVE Interactive Practice, Attunement & Q & A Calls (Recorded), Community Calls

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

MODULE 1: Energy Awakening
Infinity Light Weaving + Gratitude Power Program

Instant Energetic Empowerment Immediately Begin to Change the Energies in Your home, Body, Mind, Workplace…


1 -Start your Journey to Energy Mastery Instantly by joining the LBHE Package & Get Infinity Light Weaving + 5 More Modules! 


 2 – Go At Your Own Pace By Simply Starting with “Infinity Light Weaving” Only

Read More Here>Module 1< + video of Nan ‘Heart to Heart Light Weaving’ with a Dolphin!

+ 4 Training Videos
+ 3 Activation Videos
+ 2 Guided Meditations
+ Tools: Charts, Guides, Exercises, Checklists, Quick-Activation Guide

BONUS “Acceptance Process” – the secret key to personal empowerment.

The Newest Energy Healing Tool for EZ Manifesting Health, Wealth & Happiness

“Practical AND Powerful!” – C.S.


– Raise your Energy Anytime!

– Unclog Blocks (physical, emotional, mental, financial, karmic, transmute and renew

– Cleanse Chakras, subtle Bodies, energy channels

– Gain Clarity & Connection

– Increase flow ($, energy..)

– Flush out stuck, heavy energy – Reduce inflammation

– Release overwhelm, fear, limiting beliefs, energy attachments and patterns that hold you back

– Open Your Communication with Higher Selves, Unseen Realms & Give Love

– EZ To use, dozens of examples and applications

– Practical to Implement into Daily Life, + Daily Routine

– 27+ Full Color Graphics of ILW Processes: Use with Your body and energy field, Use with your Guides and Angels, Use with Plants, animals, places, elements and more…

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

MODULE 2: Energy Alignment
Vibrational Manifestation & Truth Testing

Mastering Rates & States

Learn the Scale of Vibrational Rates of Consciousness 

THE MOST POWERFUL MANIFESTING TOOL YOU NEVER KNEW… SEE why you don’t Create or Keep what You Want and Where Your Energetic Attachments are.

Know your Vibrational RATE & Change Your Emotional STATE to  Accelerate Manifesting Money, Health, Love, Success, Clarity…

MAP your Energy Field & Rewire your mind until you live in the higher vibrational States with ease.

Find the Blocks, Beliefs, Attachments AND Energy Knots that Prevent you from Creating the Life You Seek, the money you need, the love you long for.

Discover the Transformational Magic of the Acceptance Portal & The Gratitude Gate

Rewire Your Energy Guidance System and know how to unhook from low States and Reroute Your Energy Flow to your Optimal State

Discover Unserving
Energy Patterns 


– Energetic Attachments

– Energy Leaks

– Double Binds

– Magnetic Loops

– Karmic Knots

– Limiting Beliefs

– Neutralizing Forces


How to Release, Dissolve, Reclaim these Unserving Energy Patterns and Ultimately

Raise Your Vibration.

 The Desire-Disappointment Loop

– The Acceptance Compassion Transformation


A Must Have Skill For Healing & Manifesting on Purpose 


YOUR OWN TRUTH… Imagine Knowing how to TEST Your Energetic Rate and being able to Change your State to Match what you WANT to Manifest.

 Master Muscle testing & Pendulum forms of energetically testing where you are on the consciousness scale & Be Able to TRUST the answer.

Install an Energy System to ALERT YOU when something is pulling you into a bad mood, or negative creation flow and SHIFT quickly until you live in the higher vibrational States with ease.

See Why certain places and people drain your energy and HOW TO RAISE IT!

Discover your Soul Signature Frequency™ and how to realign with it

Finally Uncover Those STICKY ENERGIES (Like Family Guilt, Money Shame, Not Enoughness, Anxiety, Blame…) that Drain or Bind you and transmute them into love and power to help you grow.

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

MODULE 3: Energy Structure
LightBody Healing Core: Adjustment Process, Cleanses
& Spiritual Anatomy, Sacred Geometry, Light Council


  •  Experience Powerful Activations: Nan’s powerful multidimensional activations go deep into your energy fields, past present or future, in any life, conscious or unconscious to free you from STUCK IMBALANCED ENERGIES and RESTORE  YOUR SOUL’S OPTIMAL FREQUENCIES into your LightBody, realigning you to your Soul Blueprint, Purpose and Bliss State

  •  Download Energy Templates: Receive  Attunements and Vibrational Templates & Sacred Healing Symbols into your Field that you can Activate and Use again and again.

  •  Experience Self Realization: Activating your LightBody increases your awareness and SPHERICAL CONSCIOUSNESS: All is One – As within – So Without… and FLOWER OF LIFE CONSCIOUSNESS: Multidimensional Creative Abilities… and ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS: “As Above – So Below”…

  •  Awaken: Awaken Your Ability to Sense, see, feel and direct energy within your bodies and in the world.

  •  Awaken Your 360 Senses

  •  Awaken Your 360 Degree Spherical Consciousness & Flower of Life Consciousness

  •  Awaken the Codes in Your DNA, Cells that align you with your Soul Purpose Blueprint & Soul Signature Frequency

  •  Awaken Your Intuitive & Psychic Abilities

  •  Awaken Light Languages & Manifestation Skills

  •  Experience the Depth & Power of LightBody School Vibrationally Encoded Visual Learning & Healing Tools, with dozens of ways to use them everyday

  •  Meet Your LightBody Council – a group of multidimensional masters who assist you in your personal transformation and healing

  • Activate Your LightBody Structure: Learn Your Spiritual Anatomy (Chakras, Subtle Bodies, Pillar of Light, Nadis, Meridians, Rainbow Bridge, Tube Torus, Staff of Hermes, Time-Space Continuum, Kundalini…)

  •  Sacred Geometry: Learn the Building Blocks of Life

  •  Vibrational Tools: Symbols, Rays, Tones, Color: Multidimensional Vibrational Healing and Manifesting Tools

  •  Learn How to Work with the Subtle Unseen Realms & Energies: Elementals, Ascended Masters, Gaia, Angels, Your Higher Selves, Guides of Light LightBody Healing Council

  •  Learn: LightBody Healing Processes & Session Formats for Mind, Body, Spirit:

  •  Learn to Create & Work in The Infinity Healing Chamber & The Manifestation Temple

  •  LightBody Healing Tune Up: Learn how to Run a LBH TuneUP Session

  •  LightBody Healing Adjustment Learn how to run the core LightBody Healing Session

  •  Manifesting Flow. Activate your Flow and Cleanse

  •  Flow charts, Colorful Guides, Checklists and Vibrationally Encoded Full Color Graphics & Templates

  • LightBody Healing Cleanses:

    Cosmic Cleanse, Mind-Eye Cleanse & Mind-Eye-Heart Cleanse…


  • Energy Processes & Techniques: Learn how to do Infusions, Pulling, Flossing, Flushing++

  •  Daily Activations: 1 breath, 3 breath and 15 minute versions

  •  Daily LB & LightBody Yoga Routinesa

  • LBH for Emergencies and Daily Care

  •  Learn How to Use LBH Processes to: Bless & Recalibrate Your Food, Water, Vitamins, House, Plants, Land, Town, Car

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

MODULE 4: Energy Attunement
LightBody 18 Chakra System Activation & Attunement Process

18 Chakra Gateway System & Palm Portal Activation and the
LB Attunement  Process 

    •  Receive & Learn the LightBody™ Attunement Process: Find and free karma, past life patterns, blocks to abundance, attachments and upgrade your Chakras to a new higher frequency

    •  Receive the Multidimensional Chakra Gateway Template Download Encodement & Activate The “Vibration of Functional Perfection” and flow for each Chakra.

    •  Activate your ‘EYE’ (Ajna Chakra, 3rd Eye, Pineal Gland+ and your All Seeing Eye). Open your vital spiritual gland to new clearer intuitive, communication and psychic abilities

    •  Accelerate the Blooming of your “1000 Petaled Lotus” in your mind

    •  Pineal Gland: Awaken, Activate and Decalcify your Pineal & other key spiritual glands in your brain

    •  Awaken and rejuvenate all the Key Spiritual Glands in your Brain: pituitary, pineal, Hypothalamus, Thalamus

    •   LightBody™ Activations: 18 Chakra System Activation, Palm Portals and the (3rd) EYE Stargate Activations

    •  Discover the Clearing Power of the forgotten Feet Chakras: Keep Your Drains Clear

    •  Travel through Gateway of each Chakra and Realign them to The Frequencies of Multidimensional Abundance: Experience the StarGates & Download the Encodings so you can facilitate LightBody Attunements

    • Access Your Soul Star Chakra – Home of Your Higher Self and Temple of the Akashic Records

    • Heal (restore balance and flow) and Free Your energy from karmic knots, emotional scars, limiting beliefs

    •  Receive the Personal & Cosmic Templates for the 7 Core Body Chakras

    •  Strengthen Your Connection to your Higher selves, the Earth and unseen guidance (ascended masters, angels, animals..),  accelerate your ability to stay connected to your Divine nature and Soul blueprint and wisdom

    •  Re-imprint your Chakras with the New Unity Consciousness Grid & UpGrade Your Connections: Chakras are Connection Points Between the Spiritual & Physical Worlds

    •  Reconnect the HEART and Solar Gateways for more effortless flow

All Images and tools are vibrationally encoded power tools that are licensed to facilitators and practitioners and are an exclusive, proprietary design and technology Copyright of BlissLife LLC and 2021.

 Open the Powerful Portals in your Hands: Your Palm Portals: Give & remove energy, draw on any Optimal energy from any dimension through your palm portals: Pull, Floss, Flush, Infuse…

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

MODULE 5: Energy Remedies: Power Programs
Multidimensional Vibrational Remedies

All Graphics, Images, Processes, Tools and Programs are Copyright BlissLife LLC  and
Duplication in any form allowed only with Licensing

Power Programs are Vibrational Medicine.  Preprogrammed, EZ to Use Light Remedies The Many Layers Combine to Create their Own Unique Frequency & Benefits 

Pre-designed, pre-programmed Multilayered Vibrational Remedies

      • Power Programs: Experience a Download Encoding and Attunement of Each Power Program template into your LB Field so you can activate and use it anytime. Encoded with a special RATE you can invoke and activate in healing, manifesting, cleansing

      •  Power Programs give you Tools For speed and ease, as you practice LBH, you have access to dozens of Pre-programmed Remedies, pre-wired processes and pre-designed patterns that hold IMMENSE POWER.

      •  Designed with all the optimal vibrations and elements to create a specific POWER PROGRAM – like a software program that is already wired to do a specific task over and over without fail, these programs give you a ton of power, without distracting you from the moment, so you can be fully present and be the clear and open channel.

      •  Practice Using the Power Program Infusions in dozens of ways

      •   Use for Your Body, Mind, Home…

      •  12 Power Program Infusions Include:

      •  Gratitude Infusion Power Program

      •  Acceptance Infusion Power Program

      •  Love Infusion Power Program

      •  Clarity Infusion Power Program

      •  Peace Infusion Power Program

      •  Harmonize with Full Color Spectrum Infusion Power Program

      •  Protection Infusion Power Program

      •  Self Esteem Infusion Power Program

      •  Spiritual Infusion Power Program

      •  Joy Infusion Power Program

      •  NEW BONUS: LightBody Healing FOR MONEY: Abundance Infusion Power Program

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

LightBody Healing Essentials Program

Now you are ready for the Sacred Mysteries that Hold Secrets to Your Soul’s Deeper Powers, Miracles and Your Soul Purpose 

      •  Alchemy: Experiment with Your New Energy Flow, Sensitivities and Ability to Transform and Choose Polarity

      •  Accelerate Intuitive & Psychic Development: Expand Your Clear Communication & Ability to Decipher Messages from the Subtle Worlds

      •  Unlock Light Languages & Multidimensional Communication with All Life: Unseen Realms, Ascended Masters. Angelic Realms

      •  Advanced Sacred Symbol Work: Bring Sacred Symbols Alive

      •  Isis Vision Initiation: Reclaim the Power You have been Hiding From

      •  Vibrational ToolBox: Crystals, Commands, Tones, Sound Healing….

      •  Karma Clearing: Follow the energy cords to past, pain, parents, programs… and find the links and knots from past/parallel lives and transform them to empowering connection and harvest he skills and wisdom

      •  Experience Mystery Initiations

      •  Uncover your Real Soul Purpose& the Blueprint to Live it

      •  Discover & transform your Karmic contracts, patterns, beliefs, attachments – (what holds you back.)

What are my Choices for How I Can Take the
LightBody Healing Energy Essentials Program or Certification?

The LightBody™ Healing ENERGY ESSENTIALS PROGRAM – Enroll Now


#1 The Total LightBody™ Healing Energy Essentials LBHEE 6 Module Program

#2 LightBody™ Healing Infinity Light Weaving Module 1 


The Total LightBody™ Healing ENERGY ESSENTIALS PACKAGE * (Highly Recommended)


– All 6 Modules and all training and activation videos

– Monthly Live Interactive Practice & Attunement Calls – learn new ways to use your LightBody tools and receive healings, ask and share.

Once a Month LightBody School “Bliss Call” – Raise Your Vibe with this Live healing experience – all-new every time!

– Interactive Energy Experiments & Practice sessions to participate in and Sample Healing sessions to view

– A Full Color LightBody™ Essentials PDF Guide and first access to all new processes and products

– Beautiful Charts to follow like the Consciousness Scale Chart & Rays of Creation Chart, Healing Session Flow Charts

8. LightBody™ Healings and Practice, Training and LBH Activations

– Bonuses: $50 Gift Certificate towards an LBH Class ($200 +)

– Healing Circles to practice & stay up to date

– Private Facebook Group to interact 24/7

– 24/7 Lifetime Access to Membership Site with All Video Trainings, Meditations, and Activations

– Access to New Processes & Practice Sessions, Healing Circles, and Community Calls as Available

OPTION #2 Infinity Light Weaving


Infinity Light Weaving (ILW) & Gratitude Power Program Course ($333)

Click Here for Full Details 

Purchasing Module 1 Individually Includes Instant Access + Ongoing Community Calls & Private Facebook Groups

This is the Essential Module to start with if you want to move energy, align with gratitude and create change now!

EMAIL [email protected] for payment plans or to Discover the Best Path for You 

Yes! Show Me How to Manifest by Mastering Energy, Mind & Emotions Now

What Is LightBody™ Healing?

LightBody Healing™ is a system for Creating Your Own Reality!

Returning to Your whole, Divine nature and understanding how everything is energy and how it flows, connects, creates, and destroys by sensing, directing, and balancing energy to raising consciousness (vibrational rate), all to apply daily in life.

Using simple yet extremely powerful ascension attunement techniques that activate your entire energy field or LightBody™ Structure. Balancing and opening your energy to its optimal flow.

This aligns your energy channels to your Soul Blueprint (purpose) & attunes you to your Soul Signature Frequency™ (your Soul’s OPTIMAL vibration for your health, wealth, and purpose).

This experience will accelerate your Spiritual Growth and Your Success, whether you want to:

    •  Build a purpose driven business serving your ideal clients that is prosperous and powerful
    •  Accelerate your Personal Healing (PEMSF), Spiritual growth or wisdom
    •  Add Power, confidence and speed to your skills and Healing or Intuitive Abilities
    •  Tap into your Purpose & get Clarity on what to do next, Enjoy life more
    •  Unlock and practice your Soul’s skills, ancient, new or future and create a BlissLife
    •  Receive Gorgeous manuals, graphics, video instructions & LIVE ACTIVATIONS all designed JUST for Lightbody™ Healing Students
    •  Uncover your natural Soul talents, unlock Light Languages and activate your crystal decoders so you can ‘speak’ to many levels of consciousness, and vibration.
    •  Communicate more frequently, clearly and powerfully with your Divine guides
    •  Understand and Decipher the signals coming through to you.
    •  Learn to amp up your powers of perception and go to the core essence of who you are, your codes, DNA, past lives, Akashic records
    •  Experience the fastest most direct way to heal, to see the opportunity in all situations, rewire, remember and release past, pain, parents, programming and unleash your Soul’s talents, direction, and story.


Experience Healing YOURSELF, OTHERS, THE PLANET and MANIFESTING the Life Your Soul Intended with an Activated & Attuned Lightbody™.

Become a LightBody™ Healing Practitioner and incorporate this into your healing, coaching, parenting, leading, writing and creations.

LIVE ONLINE VIRTUAL TRAINING, 1-1 Sessions with Nan, Group and 1-1 Healing Practice, Intake Froms , Session Flow and Certification Assessments


As a Certified LightBody™ Healing Practitioner You will Accelerate Your Spiritual Growth, Receive Advanced Power Programs, Attunements, Business, and Price Structure, Practice Sessions, Flow Charts, and Healing Circles. Add to any other practice or service, or use to enhance your own skills to a higher level. 

Ignite Your Healing Abilities and the Work You Do with Clients and Healing on the planet.

All LBHE Practitioners Must Take the LBH Energy Essentials Package Before or Concurrently with the Training

 – Two days practicing your LightBody Healing Energy Essentials tools and processes
– 3 Nights room + 2 Days food INCLUDED
– Learn NEW, special advanced sessions, programs and processes ONLY taught in person!
– Real-life experience! This is the fastest way to understand and master using LightBody Healing and if you want to charge for LBH, this live component must be completed. 
– You will leave this intensive confident and ready to guide LightBody Healing Sessions (depending on where you are in the LBHEE program) either right away or typically within 6 months. 
– Witness, receive, and give real-time LighBody Healing Sessions: Practice LBH tools and how to run sessions hands-on. Watching Live sessions with me and one of the other practitioners-in-training will deepen your understanding of guiding a session and using the tools you have learned. Watching means you will experience the healing as well.
– Receiving a healing session from me or another Essentials Practitioner will give you a personal healing as well as a deeper understanding of receiving LBH and being the ‘subject” (client, animal, house, person, relationship, plant…). This increases your energy sensitivity and ability to perceive and direct it in real-time for what is OPTIMAL AT THIS TIME FOR YOUR SUBJECT. Giving a live session with me there will accelerate your skills, understanding, and confidence! Live “give/receive” work in a safe, loving space is the deepest healing of all.
– Receive 4 Online Classes and trainings to assist you in your LightBody Healing Practice. (All online trainings are recorded and are yours in your lifetime membership site). Topics are:
LBHP 1 – Running a LightBody Healing Session – from intake, to delivery, to next steps. Learn both how to run a 30 and a 60 minute session both in person or long distance. Includes templates,intake forms, guide sheets, and flow charts. 
LBHP 2 – LightBody Healing Hypnosis – Learn how to add a POWERFUL component to your LightBody Healing Skills! Training and sample sessions on how to induce a healing trance state to accelerate and deepen your LBH sessions. (This alone is worth $1000’s!). Live June 26, 2pm ET, 2 hours. 
LBHP 3 – Your LightBody Healing Council Advanced Ajna (EYE) Initiation – into The Mysteries of Isis. Experience the next level of awakening of your pineal/3rd eye, Ajna chakra and spiritual EYE in a deep session with the LightBody Council. Deepen your relationship to these healing energies (the LIghtBody Council both for you and for your future healings). Then experience an initiation into the Mysteries of Isis. You will be now cosmically (multidimensionally) acknowledged as an LBHP (LightBody Healing Practitioner). 
LBHP 4 – LightBody Healing Business Structure: Includes LightBody healing sessions structure and pricing, plus how to find the optimal Prices and packages for you with examples and strategy, how to Finding and Enrolling Clients, Creating Packages, designing your unique healing offers, length and structure of sessions, integrating LBH into your current practice. INCLUDES my help with your personal plan if you come live. 
– Receive all recordings of trainings, and manuals, worksheets, templates, checklists and charts and full color healing graphics. 

ALL THIS FOR only $3333


Talk to Nan about LightBody Essentials Course, or becoming a LIGHTBODY™ HEALING FACILITATOR, PRACTITIONER or INSTRUCTOR

Click the Button Above or Email [email protected]