The Sacred Sales Solution System™

How to Transform Client Conversations from Awkward to Awesome
and Increase Your Sales and Confidence in 30 Days!

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Yes! I want to Increase Sales & Confidence Now and Feel Great About Money!

“How I increased my Income, Clients, and Prices by NOT PUSHING and Being MORE MYSELF, and you can too!”

Transform your money story, step into being the Expert and create on demand Conscious Cash Infusions for your bank account and business by a TOTAL SHIFT into the NEW PARADIGM: Clients are your doorway to Serve and provide your Solution… and Prosper and are therefore Sacred!
Hi, Nan Akasha here… and I have to admit – I HATED SELLING… and really thought there was no way to do it without feeling icky. The fear of being disliked or accused of being pushy or greedy created stress and resistance.

Luckily I LOVED my businesses (9 multi 6/7 figure businesses over 27 years) so I wasn’t willing to let this stop me. I was inspired to keep going deeper into my own fears, into my my money story and beliefs about money and me being good enough. I faced my awkwardness about asking for money and WOW – the deep inner work produced miracles in my bank account, confidence and inner peace!

The “Turning Point”… that Special Space that is the Client Conversation: when you turn your clients challenges into solutions and your time into streams of money.

From Put off to Paying you eagerly, you transform and your clients and cashflow transform too.


Hi… My Name is Nan Akasha,

A 31 year entrepreneur, Doctor of Homeopathy, Master Hypnotherapist and energy healer. I created High Income Hypnosis™, and co-founded the Bliss Business School and BlissLife Press. I currently have a global Healing School ( and a transformational retreat business
( I live wherever I want and am constantly in the process of finding and enrolling new customers. Sacred Sales is a part of my life, because I know I must share my gifts, it is my purpose. Sales is no longer a separate, stressful thing. It is a part of the flow, it is ease, grace and fun… to meet people you are aligned with and can help? It’s a blessing!
I hated ‘sales ‘ so much I refused to even say the word. I now help companies, sales teams and entrepreneurs worldwide increase their sales… while feeling calm, authentic and worthy. I hated talking to clients in many of my businesses… I felt fear of rejection and lack of confidence… I hated the idea of ‘selling’, and suffered when I was unclear on what it really was and why it was so vital to my success, and that of my clients. I spent a long time trying to get referrals, changing my website and doing a lot of things, EXCEPT talk to potential clients. Then I GOT IT! Go directly to the source!

Sacred Sales let me be myself and create my BlissLife! I live in the Mayan Riviera overlooking the Caribbean ocean. I lead Soul seekers on spiritual adventure travel to pyramids and sacred sites, and I interact with nature and light healing every day!

I never could have had this life if I didn’t transform my inner money fears and learn to hold sacred space for potential clients.

Stop trying to ‘SELL’ and BE something you aren’t & start BEing the Solution for your Clients by serving them in a Sacred Way… “Sacred Sales Solution! ™ System is a Whole NEW PARADIGM in attracting, talking to and enrolling all the IDEAL clients you want.
Ready to learn how to TRANSFORM Dread of talking to clients, so you can


Increase your Client base and Income rapidly Without Being Pushy, Inauthentic or Out of Integrity?
A Breathe of fresh air for Anyone who must get new clients to thrive…NO MORE SELLING from FEAR and LACK.. Start to have “Sacred Sales Solution ! so you can Effortlessly and Authentically Move Clients to a YES! and watch how EASY it is to transform “maybe” or “Yes…BUT…” into yes 20-40-80% more of the time.

Transforming My Inner Money Belief System Gave me the Life I dreamed of – Freedom to Travel, Work from Anywhere, Beach, Nature, Healing with Dolphins and Meditating in Sacred Places!

Why listen to me?

I have built 9+ businesses, and grew them fast, and when I broke the code… I had a 6 figure day… without a live event or big list!
I have a desire to show you how to do this too… without compromising who you are and what you love to do… in fact I insist on it! I developed this all new, penetrating way to transform your entire experience, attitude and beliefs about sales and talking to clients. When I found this “code breaker” on the huge resistance and negative vibe behind the whole idea of selling… it exploded my inner calm and confidence and I have even sold 6 Figures: $100,000 in one day.
I use a deep understanding of how your mind, beliefs and Universal laws work with practical understanding of business, to create a WHOLE NEW Approach to the concept of selling…
These aren’t tricks, manipulation or a new list of how to make calls or buy dead end lists, this is real deep inner transformation… simple to apply advice, that anyone with the desire can implement.
Raquel has sold over $9000… thru High Income Hypnosis ™ and Doubled the clients enrolled in her program in one week with The Sacred Sales Solution™ System.
Choose now to get this one of a kind “Sacred Sales Solution™ formula Audio Course you could be sending me an email saying: “$9000 and counting since the first 2 classes!”


January 2019 SPECIAL Only 3 x $297 or $250

Imagine that for something that will increase your income for years to come!
Yes! I am ready for a New Money Story & A Cashflow Infusion!
You do not need a big marketing budget to succeed, you do not have to have a fancy website or create expensive brochures to get more ideal clients and create your Cash Infusion… you go to the CAUSE of your sales conversions, and that shift changes the results, automatically!
Ready to sell more products, services without spending more money, more time hating what you do, or forcing yourself to be and say things that aren’t ‘you’?

What you get with the The Sacred Sales Solution™ System

Class 1-5 include a guided High Income Hypnosis™ Process you can do over and over, Class 6 is Q & A and Abundance Clearings

Class #1: Transform Your Money Story

  • Money is the solution to your lack , slow growth, or feast or famine cashflow. Sacred conversations are the solution for your clients biggest challenge, talking to someone about your offer or product is the thing your money story tells you to avoid, is bad or not spiritual, it’s what you let your beliefs let you resist… yet within the Sacred Space of a conversation two beings have been drawn together to share an opportunity to solve and evolve to their best life.
  • Increased Confidence – naturally! Your story can’t be one of hiding, lack, not being good enough and fear of rejection and working for being liked rather than truly helping… and bring you the kind of clients who will truly blossom through your offering, your story can’t be one of not feeling worthy of what you need to charge to give your clients a real change and give you real life.
  • Being the Best You there is: Embrace your inner “Wealthy Woman/Man”, Evict the inner “Poor Girl/Guy” in your head and Step into BE-ing Who you are meant to be, so you can perform at your peak, excel in your delivery and exceed your Sales goals and Love it all.
  • We start here, with your money story which determines your self image and your beliefs… which is the PRIMARY Determinant of our Bank Account, Results. Your personal internal “Story” … your beliefs, thoughts and internal agreements- are a DIRECT influence on the clients you attract, what you believe you will get, what you expect as an outcome…
  • Your story is what gives you the results you have now… are they what you want?
  • If you want a cash infusion into your bank account, you have to Serve, Give and Receive in a way that is in alignment with Universal laws and flows of energy. Money flows and always comes from Source/God… but it comes to you THROUGH people…. so you much know who you must BE in order to inspire people to give you money in return for who you are.
  • They are buying who you are. They are paying for you… no one else, to deliver the service, product, support, or transformation. This means who you are, what YOUR story is, is vital to attracting, keeping and growing with your ideal clients or deals.
  • Remember, everyone has a money story, it is usually based in lack and fear… almost all people have a program that says “do not buy, do not spend”… so when you go to offer your super duper services or products to a client, and they are in their fear and worry over money, it leads to them saying no. You have to be the first to change your story!
  • Worksheets on Transforming your money story, beliefs and more

“Excellent, first time been able to go through a process, focus, see images, really sunk in for me, helped me to see things more clearly, feel better about what I am doing.. really opened things up for me” -Betsy

Transform this feeling: “I don’t want to be pushy, seem greedy or turn them off” into
“I can’t wait to talk to my next Client and show them My Solution to their biggest challenge”

Class #2 Client Solution™ Secrets

Mindset, beliefs, self image and BEING the 6 or 7 Figure Sales success you are,
by creating a Sacred Sales space

  • NO ONE else teaches this, and it is the KEY Ingredient in getting you free from the “Sleazy Sales” model to the “Sacred Sales”
  • Model and make you want to run out and find more clients to talk to!
  • 6 and 7 Figure Client Solution Mindsets
  • Re-design your Self Image and Wealth Esteem to BE the “Wealthy Woman” you must Be to have successful, satisfying sales
  • The SECRET POWER to turn the “I can’t afford it Client” into a “Let’s get started ” Client…
  • The 3 Levels of BEING
  • Live in a New Paradigm in Business: Love what you do, especially the sales moment
  • True Freedom! Financial freedom comes from Mastering these skills and mindsets. This is the vital skill that will turn your business around, grow it fast, and you can use anytime you want to turn on the faucet of cashflow!
  • The #1 false belief that keeps you stuck (how to not sell to be loved and approved of, but to help and serve and instantly increase your conversions)
  • ?Develop the #1 Mindset to Be in that let’s you create Sacred Space every time and Be the beacon of help and the strong pillar of light your clients are looking
  • Transforming Fear and Procrastination of talking to Clients into eagerness and laser focus: ‘Who else can I serve right now?”
  • #1 Mindset to Increase sales , cashflow and enjoyment
  • Playsheets on Sacred Mindsets, Setting Money goals so you can manifest them

“When I went through the Sacred Sales course the first time… I thought it was good, but my inner fears kept me from really seeing the depth and power in this amazing course. Then I listened again… and I took 5 pages of notes just from call #1! I was blown away, I had lifted my fear of ‘selling’ enough to really hear what Nan was saying and wow… what a world that opened up for me!

I called clients I have been wanting to contact for 8 months, I am getting appointments so much easier than I expected, and I am feeling completely ‘me’… not incongruent at all! I highly recommend you give Nan’s magic your time… it is so worth it.” A.A.

otherwise you sit with your passion and your talents… stagnant
while people are going without the help they need and are willing to pay for.

Class #3 The Sacred Sales Solution™ System

Serving your client BIG!

Sales is Service: Step by Step blueprint for having
The Sacred Sales Solution™ System conversations that convert.

  • Learn what to say, why to say it, how to learn what you need to know from your client to serve them successfully
  • Creating your offer to be like client ‘catnip’… they know they have to have it!
  • Conversation guides on what to Say, How to think, and the KEY distinctions that make this Authentic to do and easy to implement
  • Nan’s WOWEE” guide on talking to a client in a Sacred space so you can truly understand their needs and your ability to help
  • ?Fast results: Work wealthy not hard: Increase your Income by Thousands every month by mastering a Natural and Sacred conversation you can have anywhere it is so fast to step into
  • Templates and guides on The Sacred Sales Solution™System Conversations, Overcoming objections and more…

The Sacred Sales Solution™ System class is great, even when I feel fear feelings coming up. This is the first time I have ever been able to make “cold” calls and not totally freeze up.
Out of 5 calls attempted Monday and the same number yesterday after my work shift was over at 4pm I was actually able to talk to 6 to 8 people.

Wow, this transformation is amazing!

Call # 2 was amazing as well. During the hypnosis process when you told us to think of our smaller self shrinking it already was, and was even smaller than a doll. By the time of blowing it off my hand it was almost non-existent.

So much easier to feel that Sacred Space around me more of the time. Many AHA moments today, too.
Boy did I receive an Easter gift this year or what! AND it keeps growing and expanding! THANK YOU!
An opportunity presented itself yesterday for an in person contact.
I was amazingly relaxed and seemed to ask the kinds of questions that helped me be able to see a need/benefit for my coaching services.
I’ve begun to receive more ideas for my method as well, so they could begin to “see” the results they want. I just now realized as I was writing this email, that I think this process will work when I allow myself to get distracted, like today reading articles when I could have been making more calls.
Clearly it’s my father in my head and when I feel very afraid it feels like childhood again, only now I have the opportunity to change that. Focusing on and continuing to create my Sacred Mindsets is really helping with this.

-Betsy Dunda

otherwise you sit with your passion and your talents… stagnant
while people are going without the help they need and are willing to pay for.

Class #4
The Money Talk!

“No one grows, No one evolves, No one heals, moves on or expands if you do not DECIDE now to have the COURAGE… and that is not serving anyone, you or the people out there right now.”


This is the point when most Client conversations fall far from the “Serve & Solve” Space that it truly is.

The fear comes up, your awkwardness around charging your rates, or thinking they can afford it… and they leave to “think about it” and never come back.
YOU have to master your money issues so you can hold space for them to handle their money issues so that they can decide for their highest good… not based on what they think they can afford. (THAT is Sacred Space).

  • How to make your offer and ask for ANY SIZE PRICE you desire with confidence and courage
  • Master Your Money Fear so you can help your client see thru their Money Challenge and and hear ‘yes’ 60% of the time or more
  • ?Understanding the Money Energy Exchange and how you make it worse for you client by undercharging, trading, discounting and not believing in your value
  • ?How to TRANSFORM “I want it, but I can’t afford it” and “I don’t know if I should spend the money or how I would pay for it”
  • ?How to FREE Yourself from Money fear so you can attract more clients who have the money
  • ?Playsheets on Money blocks and objections, Truth Detecting and more…

In my opinion 90% of all sales are lost because you do not know how to have a money talk! Your Money Fears bumping into your Clients Money fears: means no sale for you, no service for them, and no transformation

Class #5
CashFLOW Infusion

Exact Step by Step Formula to creating your next cashflow infusion. Your business and life need steady cashflow, and frequent Cash Infusions

  •  Strategy to bring in any amount $$ you choose on demand
  • Know exactly how to repeat this over and over
  • 5 Step Formula to follow that opens you to the cash and clients that are “Already there”
  • ?Feel true freedom, when you no longer decide based on money, but you thrive because you know you can create it on demand
  • Step by Step guide on how to create this in your business

Class #6
LIVE Q & A and Abundance Clearings with Akasha

After all the in depth learning and experience you get to ask Nan anything and everything and get coached personally on anything at all to do with your Sacred Sales conversations, your Cash Infusion, your money story and more.

Mark Your Calendar for a Live Abundance Activation with Nan Akasha
December 10, 2018 @ 12 Noon Eastern/9am Pacific 2 Hours including Live Q & A and Abundance Clearings. Hour 1: Q & A and Live coaching and Abundance Clearings – come live! Hour two: Live Guided Abundance Meditations

January 2019 SPECIAL Only 3 x $297 or $250

Imagine this small investment for something that will increase your income for years to come!

Get Sacred Sales Solution with High Income Hypnosis Now for 86% off!

Nan Akasha, CHT, DHom, MM, KM, GM, LBHP
Creator of High Income Hypnosis ™, LightBody School, BlissLife Retreats and co founder of BlissLife Press. Called ‘A Business woman to watch by Fast Company Magazine, Nan is Fairy Godmother to her Clients.  

Nan teaches and guides anyone ready to break free from the past limitations, and serve and earn at a higher level than ever before. 31 Years starting and growing businesses from Fashion Design to Real Estate investing, Healing and petsitting, Nan has learned and earned in many industries. Nan’s High Income Hypnosis ™ goes directly to the cause, and “Flips your rich switch” so you can make money now and embody the “Wealthy Woman” within and ‘evict the “Poor Girl” in your mind holding you back.

Nan’s groundbreaking work with Wealth consciousness, Money Mindset,
Universal Laws and Wealth Esteem have gained her a loyal International following.
A seven time #1 bestselling author, she speaks with other leaders like
Gregg Bradden, Joe Vitale, and Doreen Virtue and was
awarded WE Magazine’s “Who’s Who in Women in Ecommerce ”

Breaking free of old Money Paradigms, uncovering the origins of your Money story and beliefs, and transforming old patterns of family beliefs and a legacy of lack break you free from “Money Bondage” leading to Mastering money and True freedom. Nan’s work in Money, Mindset, Manifestation and Marketing allowed her to create the “Sacred Sales Solution™”. This is a transformative experience that replaces your inner “STOP” signs with Green Lights so you can get the results you want now.

A joyful mother of twin girls, Emily and Sierra, “Joyful Nan” says “Free Your Mind and the Wealth Will Follow”