Soul Star Awakening

Explore the Realm of your Higher Self & Reconnect to your Purpose & Guidance!

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Yes! I am Ready to Explore my Soul Star & Connect to my Higher Self!

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Soul Star Awakening

Your HIGHER SELF lives in your SOUL STAR CHAKRA - about 8 inches above your head. It is vital to Heal & Awaken your connection and align with your Soul's Purpose and spiritual gifts! Imagine being able to travel your Akashic records and find the secrets to your Health, Happiness, Prosperity!

Soul Star Awakening Course

Your Soul Star is a key energy center that houses your higher self and access to your Akashic records. During this powerful course, you will find new and powerful ways to awaken and reconnect to your higher self at a whole new level. You will follow these easy-to-use activations and guided journeys that are designed to awaken your Soul Star and open a clear connection and communication to your Higher Self. Each includes special sound healing music, codes + Light Weaving (energy medicine).

Soul Star Awakening #1: Secrets of Your Higher Self + Soul Star Awakening Chakra Activation

Learn more inner secrets of the realm of the Higher Self, what it is, why it is important to connect to, communicate with, and explore the world of your higher self (30 min Exploration through a lesson and a conversation with your Higher-self.
1 - 30 Minute Video Class on the Higher Self and a guided free flow writing q & a to uncover secrets, fears, and blocks to connect with your higher self and to receive some new information about yourself and your Soul blueprint.

Soul Star Awakening #2: Journey to the Realm of the Higher Self

A guided multidimensional journey to the Realm of Your Higher Self (a relaxed inner experience you can repeat with music). Explore, connect, heal, play, create and receive guidance.

?Soul Star Awakening #3: Heart to Heart Light Weaving connection and guidance session with your Higher Self

Teaching on Heart to Heart Infinity Light Weaving and practice + 30 min guided process (video or audio). Repeat often to connect and communicate and to heal your heart, release limits, fears, and pain, and fill up on Divine love and awaken your Soul’s mission in this time of life.

Soul Star Awakening #4: Explore Your Akashic Records with your Higher Self

Your Soul Star 8th Chakra is the home of your Higher Self and the Light Portal to your Akashic records, all of your lifetimes. Once you enter, you transcend and harmonize with your Higher self essence and then can travel with your higher self to discover anything that is optimal for your Soul's mission at this time through your records. Find old vows, contracts, and karmic knots that keep you from full expression and transform them into empowering new beliefs, strengths, and mindsets.

Soul Star Awakening #5: Visit the Temple of your Higher Self Activation

In this activation, you will go deep into state and travel to visit the Temple of Your Higher Self in the Soul Star chakra. You are now connected to this realm and your Higher Self and cleansed so you may enter this sacred space and receive a powerful, loving, and completely 'unique-to-you experience with your Higher Self and this temple of light and secrets.
Repeat as often as you like, every activation will be different, and one will build on the last.

Full-Color Graphics

- Soul Star Awakening
- Soul Star Chakra - new encoded 8th Chakra template to download and activate.
- Scale of Vibrational Human Consciousness
- 13 Chakra Chart
- Heart to Heart Infinity Light Weaving & more...
These powerful, encoded graphics were designed especially for the Soul Star Awakening and for the LightBody School and BlissLife retreats and are an incredible asset to the Soul Star Higher Self Awakening. I have chosen the ones that will enhance your activations and give you tools and processes to continue to awaken, heal and release. I will teach you to use them in the classes, and you can download them to look at on your phone or computer or print them to gaze into during activations, follow during processes, and to add energy to your home and body.


Instant Downloads to Get Started ASAP & a LIVE Pre-Class to Date Your Higher Self


Instant Access to the training video on how to use all the encoded graphics and tools, like the scale, heart-to-heart weaving, and more. Get started now!


Instant Download PDF of the tools, graphics, and schedule.

?LIVE Pre Call Oct 10: Go on a Date with Your Higher Self

A fun guided journey and instructions on how to go on a Date with your Higher Self.

Activations include Guided activations, music and sound healing, and Light Weaving to activate your LightBody At All Levels


Increase clear channels of communication to your higher self. Go on a date with your higher self. Receive guidance, direction and access to your Soul’s secrets and blueprint so you know you are on the path to living your purpose!

Yes! I am Ready to Explore my Soul Star & Connect to my Higher Self!