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Nan Akasha, CHT Speaker, Trainer, Coach.

Nan Akasha, CHT 

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement with a mission to transform lives through books that raise money for charity and build a large client list and income for the author.
Committed to consciously evolve the way business is done, Nan is co-founder and creative director at BlissLife Press, an Award winning Transformational Book Publisher. Pioneering a new way to do business that makes good while doing good, BlissLife Press has created the World’s first ‘Strategic Philanthropy Book Launch”. Helping authors, creative visionaries, and Conscious Entrepreneurs to get their message out with massive impact, influence and income.
Known as the “Secret Weapon” for breaking through blocks as creator of “High Income Hypnosis”, Nan has an “uncanny ability to get to the heart of what stops you”.
Nan Akasha CHT, is a six time #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Be Love”, “Already Rich”, and the upcoming “Strategic Philanthropy” book and Global Summit. An Artist, and Spiritual Teacher, Nan has created over 133 programs like “Flip Your Rich
Switch™”, “Live Your Purpose & Fulfill Your Fully Funded Mission” and “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow™ Writing”.
Nan’s Sacred lightbody work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission. She speaks, leads writing and sacred retreats and travels worldwide to spread her message of peace, partnership and prosperity.

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During the last several months I have interviewed over 60 guests for my most recent event.
If there were a scoring system with points given for captivating delivery, profound insights, clarity of expression, fresh and unique information, compelling stories and illustrations…and bonus points for authenticity and an uncanny ability to speak directly to the needs of the audience, Nan Akasha would win the Gold Medal.

I highly recommend Nan Akasha. This woman is every meeting planner’s dream come true!
Debra Poneman
Host, New Transformation Strategies

She’s known throughout her industry as “The Fairy Godmother of Money.” Spend just a few minutes in her company, you’ll understand why.

From national conferences to intimate workshops and private corporate events, Nan is bringing her infectious energy and message of empowerment to thousands across the globe who are passionate about up-leveling their sales, confidence, income, businesses — and their lives.

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Nan’s Signature Talk Topics

Flip Your Rich Switch


Women – Success – Money – Worth

Whether you are a meeting planner, event coordinator or corporate leader, you know that there is one thing everyone has in common: they want more success in life.

In this powerful, entertaining and inspiring presentation Nan helps you or your team see what they would really need to have, be or do in order to increase their sales, confidence and results, and be able to say, “I am confident in myself and I love talking to clients!” She then gives eye opening yet practical and easily implementable techniques to start busting the internal barriers to creating that success – and experiencing the increased sales, self-confidence, income and productivity that inevitably results.

Nan’s cutting edge knowledge combined with her uncanny ability to intimately connect with audiences no matter how large have allowed her to always receive rave reviews from participants and planners alike.

When Nan speaks, not only are people captivated but they find that their lives dramatically shift – even from her 50-minute keynote alone!

These presentation are available as a 50-minute to 2-hour keynote or a ½ day or full-day fully interactive workshop. Nan is also available to present an entire 3-day  workshop or week long deep dive retreat for your company, association or organization. Talks are  tailored to your team or audience.

“Nan Akasha’s interview received the most Live listens out of any show we have done! Having Nan Akasha on Savvy Central Radio was a great pleasure and her interview was by far one of the best we have had yet. The topic was also one of great importance; Money Mindset. I highly suggest you check out Nan’s incredible interview with us, and book her for your event, she is chalk full of amazing insights and practical solutions to help transform any limiting beliefs you have around money.”

Christina Nitschmann, Savvy Central Business Radio