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One Day Event – No Cost –
Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Discover the Newest Secrets on How to Access Your "Book of Life" with Live Experiences, Free Gifts, Guided Processes

Join International Bestselling Author & Master Intuitive Nan Akasha & 4 Akashic Records Experts Saturday Oct. 1st Live from 10-2pm Central

Join Me and these Sage Women Guides as we Open the Curtains and unveil ALL NEW possibilities of using your Akashic Records to accelerate your evolution into 5D, 8D and beyond.
Yes! Your Akashic Records can be used to clear Karma, find your hidden Prosperity, Build a business aligned with your soul, discover your purpose, release the “past” life fears and contracts and asset your awakening.
You are ready for the next step in reconnecting to your Soul’s gifts, wisdom and power. We will share the view from the INSIDE of the Akashic Records and guide you in some deep processes.

You have gifts and blocks in your Akashic Records you have never imagined… and talents that are finally ready to bloom!

It’s time to discover all the treasures you have within you, accept and enjoy them!
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The Akashic Records UNVEILED LIVE SCHEDULE Saturday October 1st @10 am - 2pm Central

Master Intuitive Healer, Founder Intuition Awakening Mystery School
The 8th Dimension & the Akashic Records Temple


Erica Van Eaton

Quantum Transformations, A Perspective you Never Knew

Linda Berger

Soul of Business - Akashic Records of your Biz

Lisa Barnett

Galactic Akashic Records Opening

Baljit Rayat

Heal Your Sexual Energy In The Akashic Records, Align To Your Purpose & Gifts

Shelley Tomelin

Akashic Record Consultant & Master Energy Healer

You’ll get to learn:

- New insights in what the Akashic Records are and why the Veil is dissolving to reveal your bigger truth and purpose

- How the Akashic Records hold information to your Prosperity

- How working with your Akashic records can raise your consciousness and vibration

- How to Clear Karma thru your Akashic Records

- The Soul of Your Business is in the Akashic Records

- Experience guided processes to help you open your records and not just read your records, you can start to travel them!

Tell your friends so we can gather together and laugh, reveal, release, heal and discover new dimensions to your inner treasures and your unique records.

As the world becomes more transparent you have more ways to connect to your powers, past and purpose.

This event will be recorded for you, yet coming LIVE is the juicy, fun part, because you never know what might happen when you are playing in the 8th dimension!

We are going to reveal some new, different and fascinating insights, uses and secrets about the Akasha records and why they are relevant right now!

Discover how The Akashic Records (your ‘book of life’) can help you understand the changes in the world and the changes within yourself.

Join us now & hear these five experienced guides reveal their own wisdom and experiences and share their knowledge:

1. Nan Akasha, Intuition Awakening Mystery School, Freedom from the past and limits in the 8th Dimension & the Akashic Records Temple

2. Lisa Barnett, Akashic Knowing, Galactic Akashic Records are Opening & Clearing Karma

3. Erica Van Eaton, Quantum Transformations, A New Higher View

4. Linda Berger, Soul of Business - Akashic Records of your Biz

5. Baljit Rayat, Soul Guide, Heal Your Sexual Energy In The Akashic Records, Align To Your Purpose & Gifts

6. Shelley Tomelin, Akashic Record Consultant & Master Energy Healer, Healing Back to Divinity in the Akashic Records

Yes! I want to go behind the Veil and see what answers, powers and direction my Akashic Records holds!