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Awaken your Soul's Mission & Divine Magic! Sacred Feminine Mysteries Unveiled from the Akasha. Join our Sacred Circle & Receive Dolphin Recalibration Meditation


Walk the Sacred Way – back to your Soul Truth! This is at the moment of awakening, breakdown and true metamorphosis for all. When the Ancient & Future Wisdom within calls you, consult the Oracle!
“You are WOW… yes, a whole lot of WOW…” – BB
On the Infinite Show, we explore deep, relevant, healing and self empowering transformational topics vital to today’s accelerated global and personal evolution.
Over the last 37 years I have been following my soul’s plan to re-open my powers of perception and reactivate all my Soul’s lives. Through Mystery Schools, Shamans, Energy healing, Interspecies and Inter-dimensional communication, Mastery in Homeopathy, Hypnosis, T-Touch and many more.
Through studying, traveling (in 3-D and Beyond) teaching, working with 1000’s worldwide I have been able to uncover my Soul’s purpose and the powers that were encoded for me to succeed.
You were meant to succeed at your soul’s plan too! You have already been given the Soul crystals bearing the sacred medicine you need to transform. Your Soul Guides are everywhere, you have to notice them and relearn how to hear the subtle realms.
Your soul gave you everything you need, and you were there. There is a part of you who KNOWS your Soul plan inside and out. There is another part of you who is already LIVING that potential future self, fully embodies, expressed and empowered.
From the pain, betrayal, fear and loss you have experienced you can MINE SOUL GOLD! You carry the Magic Doorways to other lives, times, kingdoms and abilities.
Who are you in this life? You are the capstone of your Soul. YOu came here to be one of the LEAD LIVES for your WHOLE SOUL EVOLUTION!
Soul Triggers, life breakdowns, what you might consider, bad luck or loss, are all part of the divine plan, to get you to the place where you can fulfill your missions.
I am here as a guide for this who are ready to embody their full soul self, their infinite self, from the divine designer to the shame filled slave. AL lives/experiences your SOUL has had, are coming together, like a puzzle taking shape.
YOU NO LONGER NEED TO BE WALKING THE PATH OF THE WOUNDED, WEAK, WAITING and WORRYING WOMAN/MAN who has to follow everyone else. The past is dying fast, it may seem scary and painful, yet here we are and if we know how to change states – these energies can create a reality that no longer holds any interest, nourishment or growth for you.
Your Soul’s song is singing to the deepest parts of you who have slumbered for so long. It says “It is safe to come out, rediscover who you are, were and are divinely designed to become!
You ALREADY have support, you have guidance, you have powers, you have SOUL SOFTWARE inside, start to see and sense it.
Would you like to know what lives you had in Ancient Mystery Schools? What lives you were a healer, herbalist, medicine man, shame, priestess, oracle, magician, diviner or spirit whisperer?
Would you like to know what your Soul’s Fear or Soul Goal (chosen by design) is?
If you choose to ACCEPT and “KNOW THYSELF” (Oracle at Sacred Delphi, Ancient Greece) then you will once again walk the Sacred Way of your Soul’s true colors.
You hold magic within the mystery of your Soul’s powers, and if you open the veil of your limited reality and begin to go on the magical mystery tour of your Soul’s missions, ancient powers and future wisdom, you will be fulfilling a LONG AWITED SOUL APPOINTMENT and Evolve into Unity with your Soul and reunite with your sacred spirit guides .
Your Soul Blueprint is your GPS, you have to turn on the parts of you that know how to hear, decipher and co-create with it.  When you know how to navigate light, realms, times, energy, language and receive messages and soul medicine from all forms of life that are beneficial for you, you are coming of age.
Like Rites of passage in your sacred structure, the awakening happening right now is speaking to these buried, forgotten, disconnected and budding powers. When you reconnect your own inner Sacred Circle, and repeat, listen to, learn from and support your other soul lives, you are reuniting your personal soul crystals and purpose.
I will open the ancient vaults, temples and libraries ivination knowledge, sacred and to fully embrace it you must .  by knowing who you ‘were’ and have been believing and acting as. , is ready to SHED… a rough patch is here, to hep you slide out of the old skin.
There are masters all around the world, within the earth and the elements, in the skies and throughout the multiverse. All these “you’s” are ready too – to connect, to heal, to break free and to complete all soul contracts, to unhook all Karmic Knots and to STAND AGAIN in your Light.
“There are no more missions that require
the seeking outside one’s self.
The answers are, and always have been within.
The wounds are also within, only as portals of power. No past poison can steal your life force.
you drank poison and have suffered. Now that ends. Drink from the fountain and beauty, truth and your own rare sight. The view you have is not held by anyone, only you. You have held it in many lives, and they all hold once art of the mosaic of your Soul’s purpose.”
The Ancient Oracle Speaks Again, Akasha
Remember, you encoded yourself and your LightBody and your Highest Selves have the plan and even your Body Wisdom is here, giving you non stop spiritual guidance Sacred trips to power places, and into other realms.
The Clairvoyant, intuitive, creative and mystical powers that rest deep within me were waiting for the right moment to stir. Now is that moment for all of us. I have been training to accept higher frequencies and I have been built to see through the layers fears, veils and dimensions. You are ready to awaken your powers as well.
We have all been programmed to awaken at this time. It is happening to the crystals in earth and ocean, to the sacred sites and power vortexes… and BEST OF ALL, we have finally reached the time when we are awakening from the slumber of deep soul sleep.
Have you had ancient places, ceremonies, symbols, spirits or initiations come to you? You have sacred wisdom and secret powers, your lives have wisdom and hold a light so you can create and travel the new road ahead.
As an awakened channel, oracle and Seer reconnect to my ancient and future powers of sight and communicating with other realms, life forms I communicate non stop with beings all around me. I have experienced Bi Location and I travel the tethers, dimensions and realms to work with my students and mentors through time travel and shamanic guides.
I channel deep insights, energy clearings and awaken a deeper understanding of who you are and how to align with your Soul blueprint and true purpose.
Enjoy all the and powerful and practical experiences including interactive readings and interviews. spiritual growth, energy healing.
Are you waking up and need guidance on what is going on? The Infinite Show will help you feel supported and ready to shed the past and step into your personal power and potential! Topics we explore include: then these shows about psychic/intuitive development, spirit guides, ancient and indigenous wisdom, ceremony, activating and cleansing your LightBody, mastering your emotions, rewiring the mind, vibrational medicine, how to free yourself from lack, shame, guilt, and money, and self-esteem issues.
Join me your ‘Fairy Godmother’ to discover a loving space and real-time guidance and processes for what is happening now.
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Akasha Embodies Ancient & Future Wisdom:

“You are an amazing gift to the world my miraculous oraculous friend” LK

“I didn’t want to live. Each breath was a painful reminder… my arms were empty, my heart in a million pieces, my daughter was dead. Then a book fell off a shelf into my arms… I opened it, and the light that kept me alive was revealed. I would not be here today if it were not for healers like Louise Hay and Alton Kamadon. Now I am on a mission to spread LightBody™Healing and freedom from the past.

Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement to raise consciousness on the planet.

Akasha (aka Nan), CHT, Dhom, MM, KM, LBHP is a “Fairy Godmother” of transformation, light, love, and money… according to her clients. A seven-time #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Be Love”, “Already Rich”, ‘Thoth Book of Magic” and the upcoming “LightBody Healing LightBody Essentials 1”. A Spiritual Teacher, master healer, and hypnotherapist, and doctor of Homeopathy, Akasha has created over 133 programs like “Awaken Your LightBody”, “infinity Light Weaving”, “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow™ Writing” and the international bestseller “Flip Your Rich Switch™”. Akasha’s Sacred LightBody work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission abundantly and with joy. Creator of LightBody School, LightBody Healing Class & Certification, and BlissLife Retreats Epic Equinox experiences. 

She leads exclusive Sacred Activation Spiritual retreats as well as healing, writing, and creative retreats and travels worldwide to spread her message of peace, partnership, and prosperity. While Akasha’s twin girls are in college she can be found spreading joy and love in the Mayan Riviera and around the world with her Soulmate and BlissLife Press co-founder, master marketer Christopher Sherrod. 

She has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, awarded the Women in Ecommerce award (from WE Magazine), and been featured on 100’s of radio & Stages across North America with (Lisa Sasevich, Arielle Ford, and Bob Doyle, and Joe Vitale from the hit movie “The Secret”.

As a natural intuitive without ‘boundaries’ (able to see past and through things, Nan has become a channel, seer, animal and spirit communicator, Intuition activator and spiritual teacher and awakener. As a 30 year energy healer, Homeopath, master hypnotist and clairvoyant she combines the practical and the spiritual… intuition and business, soul purpose and self love, money and meaning. Drawing on her deep Shamanic training and “X-Ray Vision”, her 30 years building businesses, and her design and art background, she heads an international design and launch team with a fresh new style. This is why for over 14 years, Akasha’s clients have called her their “Fairy Godmother”.

Featured in “Fast Company” magazine as a business leader to watch, Akasha is the author of seven #1 best-selling books, one hundred thirty-three audio programs, speaks on top stages, and is passionate about combining purpose and philanthropy with healthy profits. “An event planner’s dream” Akasha brings “color, joy and her big heart” to the stage. Find Akasha’s books “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” and the upcoming “LightBody™ Healing” and on Amazon.

Called once again to lead international retreats in sacred places like Egypt and at Mayan Pyramids, and to incorporate both LightBody work and healing with dolphins and sacred waters, Akasha’s mission includes both virtual training and in-person transformation.

You can enjoy Akasha’s magic through her online courses, intuitive readings, meditations, books, and one on one healing work, as well as in her global meditations a. You can find Nan’s courses, like the Intuition Awakening Summer Camp, Intuitive Reading and Akashic Records Certification, Chakra Upgrade, Angelic and Goddess channeling and her LightBody Healing and Infinite Light Weaving and Healing at

You can find Akasha currently living the “Sandy Feet” lifestyle in her beach home sanctuary on the Emerald Coast of the Yucatan with her soulmate Chris, while her beloved twins are on a college adventure.

To be Notified of New Adventures, Retreats, Ceremonies and Open Houses Contact

Jennifer WLive Online Ceremony

Thank you, Nan Akasha!!!! I also love how she has adapted her work to a virtual setting, I now have the opportunity to attend sacred ceremonies that are so beautiful and amazing. Thank you!!!!!

Wendy MSoul Purpose Awakening 2020

I want to thank you for having the summit it's made such an amazing difference in my journey.

Jennifer WPrivate Session with Akasha

Nan Akasha is the best! I’m so glad I was led to her. In the short time I’ve worked with Nan, I’ve had positive change and improvements in so many areas of my life. She is always willing to explain the science to me. She says things exactly as they are.

Nabbeela DPrivate Session with Akasha

Many of the courses, programs and events that you offer have been invaluable to me, have literally transformed my inner being. I am immensely grateful!

William OSoul Purpose Awakening 2020

I thank you for your wisdom and kindness, which I am sure is appreciated by many. You have done a wonderful job putting together an awakening that others will remember. And, I am sure that it will lift others in a higher sense of awareness.