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Ancient Sacred Powers, Temples, Crystals & Stargates Awakened thru The Sacred Feminine Arts, Grandmother DreamWeavers & Ancient Mystery Schools, Shamanic Journeys, Elementals, Mermaids, Goddesses, Fairies, Celtic, Mayan, Aztec, Greek, Avalon... Open for Discovering Your True Soul Purpose

Come into an ancient-new tradition of the Intentional Quest for your Soul's Powers, Purpose & Path. In these multi sensory & multi dimensional experiences you will open the deepest parts of your sacred, sacral powers, your timeless wisdom and your true potential.,

Deep Soul Powers Reconnection & Crystalline DNA Reweaving is at your fingertips with the Ancient Wisdom Keepers, Nature Spirits, Gaia & Elementals, Celestials Crystal Kingdoms, Timeless Sacred Masters

Our Daily Intuition Awakening Activations will enhance the healing with the temples, vortexes, star gates, caves, the sacred ceremonies and sites to align you with  your multidimensional self.

During the ceremonies, I will amplify your senses so you can start to remember your lost light languages, buried powers to talk to trees, create with the hidden realms and use divination daily.

meditations, healings and site activations you will experience visions, traveling into the past and future /lives that holds powers, skills and wisdom from your many lives in the sacred like in Atlantis, Lemuria, Pleades, Sirius, Egyptian, Mayan, Celtic, Sacred Earth medicine with the Native Americans, or Goddesses or Fae, magic, Dragon wisdom you are ready.

You will reawaken your intuitive powers that are ready to arise for your Soul’s path! We are going to recalibrate and upgrade your crystal intuitive network, DNA and LightBody so that YOU will raise your vibration and reconnect consciously to your Soul’s plan!

Experience Love, Divine Protection & Connection in or tropical paradise, or crystal vortex while recalibrating your new SOUL’S SIGNATURE FREQUENCY.

Your Soul is Serenading you… time to answer the call!

Journey in a sacred way, with incredible healers, sacred women, ancient ceremonialists, to power portals in nature and spiritual temples so YOU raise your vibration and connect to your Soul’s plan!

Email us now for details, FAQ’s & logistics for the upcoming retreats in 2024 & 2025
[email protected]

Ancient Greece Gaia’s Rising, Dream Healing, Dragon Kundalini Retreat May 2024
Avalon Godgess Retreat Oct 2024

Your Sacred Self  has called to GRANT YOUR WISHES now.  There is kjuch support for you int eh hide realms to Assist in Your transformation and creating tFROM YOUR UNIQUE VISION.

One retreat woman said “Thank you it was “wonder-believable” In this sacred, fun and WONDER -filled retreat you’ll meet with loving powerful spirit guides, and parts of yourself to co-create with your wisdom, known or unknown. .


Bonuses Worth $538
1 Violet Flame Cleanse or Love Bath Healing Meditation Audio (Instant Download)
2 – One Your Soul’s Next Step Private Session with Akasha
Post-Retreat Bonuses:
$50 off any Intuition Awakening Course for one year ($100 or more)
$30 Off Soul Reading Private Session with Akasha
You are here on a fully funded mission and have so much support, guidance and ancient wisdom to recalibrate you to your soul’s optimal state!
You are ready for your 360 senses to be attuned to the higher Soul Gifts and Talents you came with!
Yes! I want to Heal & Recover My Soul Magic!