SEPTEMBER 21 - 25, 2022

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Experience an Ancient Maya Solar Initiation on the Equinox!

2022 is an ALL NEW ENERGY GAME! It is time to AWAKEN the SEAT OF YOUR SOUL and Live from Infinite Source Abundance!

This Special September 2022 Equinox we will spend 5 days ATTUNING to new Love and Light codes and ACTIVATING & OPENING YOUR HEART with ancient and cosmic ceremonies, cacao and temples. Re-Align with your true Purpose as you are lifted by the New Frequencies of 2022, Unity and Golden Spiritual Sunlight!
Our healing temple will be our beach house on the Flamingo Coast of the Yucatan, Surrounded by emerald waters, pink salt flats, birds and palm trees, you will soak, hug and be infused with love, peace and harmony in our daily healing sessions designed to go deep into your essence and release the old and reveal your seeds of light within.
Wash away your past and prepare for the golden new reality in this Sacred Healing Space with a Heart opening Cacao Ceremony, A Mayan Aztec Shaman Ancestral Healing, Water Purification in the Ocean, Pool and at a Cenote (“Sacred Well” underground pure water caves), Sound Healings, delicious food, LightBody Yoga for the 5 Guided Shamanic Activation Journeys
We will be supported and surrounded by nature and flamingos, Pink Salt crystals and commune with the sea, sun and moon as we Align to the new Golden Age Energies of Optimal health, wealth and spiritual well being!
We will also enjoy the colonial elegance and beauty of Merida, the safest city in all of USA, Canada, central and south America!

September 21 – 25, 2022

Come and Enter into the Mystical world of the Cosmic Maya.

Experience an Awakening your Soul key codes at the energy vortexes in the Maya sites & Sacred Cenote waters and receive the powerful effects of these inter-dimensional doorways!

Experience a Guided Mayan Adventure Right Now!

You are ready and this is the perfect moment to gather in a place filled with Mayan magic. Maya was the first and most sophisticated civilization. They understood and spoke to the animals, and earth, to the stars, and beyond. They had science, art, chronology and calendars, and astronomy way beyond any other civilization, even the Egyptians.

You enter these 5 days as a sacred journey and you emerge a  fresh new you, more aligned to your true blueprint.

The powers of the jungle and jaguar, the sacred wells, and the cacao. The heart-opening and shaman ceremonies and sacred fire. The purifying waters of the emerald coast (headquarters is my house on the beach). ocean.

You are ready to be supported through this time of balance into a new chakra system, a newly rewired and upgraded LightBody, and light antennae.

Each Day we will activate and open and re-attune 1 or more of your Chakras. Each day is filled with sensorial experiences, delicious foods, and healing, and mind-blowing activations and ceremonies.

This is for you if you know you are ready to complete this life and be born into the new era of higher consciousness.


The energy in the Yucatán peninsula region of México is concentrated spiritual energy and vortexes. Thousands of sacred Mayan sites cover this peninsula and have been seen by infrared imaging.
This area contains more ancient sites than anywhere else on earth. Vast intricate
complexes of pyramids, temples, palaces and residences wait in the jungle for you to awaken the KEY CODES for our Pineal Awakening.
The focus of energy in this region is balance, and so is the Equinox. We combine these energies to open a doorway into balancing our lives and careers, our body and LightBody, our chakras, our Inner eye and our masculine and feminine energies.
One of the oldest and best known ways to bring your energy into balance is
through your LightBody or subtle body – especially your energy vortexes or body’s chakra system.
Yes! I am ready to Awaken My Pineal! I'll Grab the Special Price and Pay in Full Now!YES! I accept this 3 Month Payment plan for $745 each Month


DAY 1:

We will be in a loving sacred space to heal and open the heart, pamper the body and release the old.
Sacred Cacao Ceremony with our Mexica & Mayan Goddesses Michelle and Yori.
A Sensory experience to pamper you and open your heart.
We will indulge in ancient herbal healing like Chaya drinks and cacao treats. Sacred cacao drunk created with amazing flavors, cacao mousse and roasted cacao seeds in Mayan honey!
Michelle is a professionally trained chef as well as a Sacred ceremony leader and she we be cooking her fresh and delicious treats, lunch AND dinner!

These are the lovely ladies that did our spiritual wedding last February.  You will feel pampered, nurtured, loved and enlightened as you leave your stress and limits behind and melt into this Sacred week.

This first day will be held in my newly created beach front Sanctuary. We will do Energy, light and crystal Healings. I will take you deep into your heart and free you from the past. Your entire light body and emotional field will be cleansed and realigned to LOVE and your own unique frequency (the song of your soul).

We will play and time and do sound healing in the pool, heal in the ocean under the Mayan blue and birds from flamingos to pelicans to sandpipers.

You will be showered with love and treats and gifts and healing. You can collect shells, detox in the steam room or relax in a hammock.

Michelle and Yori will take us in a Sacred journey into our hearts in a beautiful sensorial cacao ceremony to close our day of melting into this sacred journey and opening our hearts to our secret truth.

We will end the day with a delicious dinner filled with love by Michelle and relax in the pool or patio.

Sweet dreams tonight as we start early and head for our first Sacred Mayan Pyramid in the morning.

DAY 2:


“Dzonot” (Mayan word) Means “SACRED WELLS”.
300 miles of underground caves and rivers were created naturally 6,500 – 13,000 years ago. and are only found only in this part of the world.
This rainwater filters through ancient limestone seabed (think Atlantis, filled with fossils) that is the land here, leaving it pristine and you feeling purified, alive and cleansed.
The tranquil beauty of these pristine windows to the underwater world are a unique, purifying experience.
The SACRED WATERS carry wisdom, codes, healing and NEW FREQUENCIES OF LIGHT while floating through caverns full of crystal clear water, stalagmites and stalactites.We will visit a “Sacred well“

DAY 3:

Today we do a morning equinox meditation at the top of the sacred son serpent pyramid in Mayapan.
Mayapan was the center of the north Yucatan Maya civilization and has many amazing temples and buildings carvings and statues.
At the top of the pyramid is the temple of Kukulkan and you can still see, touch or sit with the carving of this secret serpent for the activation.
We will activate your codes and gather sacred knowledge that your soul is waiting for and other special spots throughout the site.
We will then enjoy a beautiful fresh lunch on our way to spend the night at Uxmal. Will have a break in the afternoon where you can swim in the beautiful pool and enjoy treats from the wonderful restaurant right across from the street from the ancient Mayan city of Uxmal.
Then at Sunset we will enter this sacred site for a brand new sound and light show. This is a walking show unlike anything you’ve ever experienced.

DAY 4:

Uxmaland Choco Museum

DAY 5:

Cristian leads a beautiful Mayan/Aztec team in a Sacred ceremony the last day.
This day will be part vision quest (with me) and part rebirth. This amazing ceremony and senatorial experience will awaken your senses and guide you into a new reality.
Music dancing drums flutes, Sacred Copal incense, fire, water mix with exquisite feathered costumes and an experience into your new infinite reality.
Yes! I am ready to Awaken My Pineal! I'll Grab the Special Price and Pay in Full Now!YES! I accept this 3 Month Payment plan for $745 each Month


  1. All entrance fees to Sacred Mayan sites and cenote

  2. 1 Night accommodation at the luxury Lodge at Uxmal (double occupancy)

  3. 8 Meals (5 Daily Lunches, 2 dinners, 1 breakfast. 1 dinner is a final celebration party)

  4.  Water, snacks, treats

  5. Cacao Ceremony

  6.  Shamanic Ceremony

  7. 5 Chakra Activations & Healings

  8. All Transportation from headquarters to locations

  9. Surprise gifts

  10. Use of the pool, beach, hammocks and steam room on day 1 & 5


  1. Airfare

  2. Transportation to headquarters and back to your chosen accommodation each day or to and from the airport.

  3. Accommodations except for Day 3

  4. All meals not listed

  5. Souvenirs, shopping, Extra activities

  6. Optional dinner in Merida and transport back to accommodation on day 4 evening

  7. Alcohol and extra drinks

Yes! I am ready to Awaken My Pineal! I'll Grab the Special Price and Pay in Full Now!YES! I accept this 3 Month Payment plan for $745 each Month


Cristian leads a beautiful Mayan/Aztec team in a Sacred ceremony on the last day.

This day will be part vision quest (with me) and part rebirth. This amazing ceremony and senatorial experience will awaken your senses and guide you into a new reality.
Music dancing drums flutes, Sacred Copal incense, fire, water mix with exquisite feathered costumes and an experience into your new infinite reality.


Flor y Canto de Riviera Maya

This incredible ceremony troupe will come to spend the 4th evening at my home with us and our last day with us including a powerful ceremony.
They will join our final celebration party by the pool under the Mayan Moonlight by the magical sea.






What They’re Saying

I am so good!! I really am a different person!
Since I’ve come home all the things that would frustrate me and upset me annoying me or anger me, no longer do, and if they start to I could see how my energy is going into old patterns and I can make a decision and take a next step back into my flow. This is Major!!”
I woke up really happy and fired up to go and instead of judging how much I had accomplished the day before or not accomplished, I looked around felt joy look at all I did look at how much better things are. This is helping me to see my chronic patterns that try to hold me back or tear me down, and my interactions with my family have dramatically transformed. I’m definitely coming back to the next retreat!

Julie LingMayan Magic Equinox Retreat March 2018

Before the end of the retreat. I could see and understand what you see more and things are manifesting quickly... and the most powerful and magical was at The top of Cobá Mayan Pyramid, on the equinox, when I realized I had my special guide... (from Atlantis) That was the first time during a guided meditation, with my pineal gland activated I could really experience, see and feel my guide merging and connecting with me...the colors along with an explosion of bliss… And my life has truly not been the same since...I can easily connect any time!

John TheobaldMayan Magic Equinox Retreat March 2018

Hi - grateful again for all of you , your guidance friendships and love ....
Thank you Nan and Chris once again for a profound experience that goes beyond my human words. So I will just say love and Light may peace be with you and I hope many have the abilities to experience joy and pure bliss as I have felt this last week.

Sarah BaconMayan Magic Equinox Retreat March 2018

It was an amazing 10 days for me. I have changed so deeply in my thoughts and my beliefs in this short time. Deep gratitude to Nan and Chris for creating this possibility for me and others!!!
Each of the members of the group also provided me deep insights into my self and the nature of our reality. I connected deeply with each of you and for that I am forever blessed. I choose to allow a whole lotta that into my life from this moment onwards. Love and light to you amazing beings! Thank you all!

Paul HanreiderMayan Magic Equinox Retreat September 2017

I came to swim with the dolphins, that was a 10 year dream that I brought into reality, and it was beyond great, there’s no way to put into words the level of awesomeness of that experience.. We got to BE Dolphins!
Swimming with dolphins, especially without a trainer. Teaching them new communication ways, and being a part of the next level with them…

Jonathan PowersMayan Magic Decode Your Destiny Retreat March 2017

This retreat was much bigger than an experience, I do not even know what to call it, it is so beyond an experience. I will be processing these shifts for awhile.

Linda McGearyMayan Magic Equinox Retreat September 2017

Wow Nan, what a gift, you actually had access to the temple, W O W ! ! !
Pretty sure this was one of many unique magical experiences you guys had. I know when Nan is around.... you will never know whats gonna happen next!.

Roni DiazMayan Magic Decode Your Destiny Retreat March 2017