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Dolphin Healing & Mayan Magic In the Mayan Riviera: March 15-21, 2024 + 22 & 23 Special Extra Adventures LAST CHANCE FOR INTIMATE DOLPHIN HEALING

Come experience Bliss Dolphin Soul Play & Communication Live in person! Atlantean & Dolphin Energy Healing and Recalibration Activations + Ancient Mayan Ceremonies, Pyramids and Key Code Activations to align you with your emerging multidimensional self.

$4287 SALE $3888 to Reserve your price with either Pay in full or $950 deposit

When you are with the dolphins in 3-D, they raise your vibration to a state called “Brain Bliss” where true healing is (release and renewal)!

The dolphins know how to change your brainwaves and state to remove blocks in your energy body, realigning you to your optimal flow. Raising your state of consciousness frees from old patterns, fears, and heavy emotions that keep you from Your Soul’s Intuitive guidance.

Our Daily Intuition Awakening Activations will enhance the healing with the dolphins, the sacred ceremonies and sites to align you with  your multidimensional self.

During the ceremonies, dolphin meditations, healings and site activations you will experience visions, traveling into the past and the Atlantean wisdom you are ready to reaches.  power chambers. You will reawaken your intuitive powers that are ready to arise for your Soul’s path and the dolphins will help you download and integrate them into the now!

We are going to recalibrate and upgrade our crystal intuitive network and LightBody with the dolphins as our ocean friends, playmates and healers. These dolphins are incredible healers and have called to YOU to come and raise your vibration and connect to your Soul’s plan!

Experience  paradise doing hands on Dolphin Healing, Play and Meditation plus Ancient Mayan Ceremonies & Daily Light Body Activations!

Your Soul Heard the Dolphins call!

We are going to recalibrate and upgrade our crystal intuitive network and LightBody with the dolphins as our ocean friends, playmates and healers.

These dolphins are incredible healers and have called to YOU to come and raise your vibration and connect to your Soul’s plan!

Email us now for details, FAQ’s & logistics
[email protected]

EXTRA DAYS OPTIONAL: Retreat: Optional Additional Days of accommodation ask for prices and availability. Come1 day early you settle in and relax!

MAIN EVENT LOCATION: Puerta Aventuras, Mayan Riviera, Mexico. A beautiful gated Caribbean resort town with wonderful restaurants, beaches and our Dolphin center for healing and joy, even golf, marinas and monkeys!

We have a beautiful private condo with pools and beach access for our retreat headquarters. We provide your accommodation for ALL 6 nights for any retreat.

Contact us here: [email protected]

TRAVEL LOGISTICS: (Contact us for happy help and travel details). You need a passport to come, and you can look up Expedited Passport Services to get one  quicker* note: times have been extended in the USA, so prepare ahead please!) NO Visa, Vaccine or tests are required to enter Mexico or return to the US if you are a citizen.
Fly to Cancun, Yucatan, Mexico. This is a very easy airport with good flight prices.

Prearrange your airport pickup in Cancun to stay in Puerta Aventuras, Mayan Riviera. (approx 60 min south of Cancun on the coast) We will prearrange and connect you to a reliable driver, no worries. *This is your cost approx $80.

The dolphins LOVE  to play with us – they are ASKING to connect with you, in person! Yes, we kiss, hug, play catch and swim like a pod with these master dolphin allies.  We do healing work on and with the dolphins and on and with each other in the ocean!!!
We do a healing floating meditation (epic) where the Dolphins are free to swim around you, weave, touch, and recalibrate you. I usually leave my body and travel to other star systems before it is over. INCREDIBLE!
Dolphins are expert frequency healers, I had the honor of working with them for a few years in this exact location. Doing weekly healing with the dolphins on some Parapalegic’s, one in particular Pati hs become a very close friend. From when I met her (12 years in a wheelchair, no movement from waist down) to now she can swim without help, walk and stand in the water and much more! Imagine what they can do for you!
The dolphins have called to us and wish to to assist us in our transformation and creating the new world. They are finely attuned to the highest spiritual wave lengths and can rewire your Infinite Self, Human Self and LightBody (Soul’s Blueprint, blocks and light).
The Dolphins are also attuned to Lemurian, Atlantean and Star Healing Energy. **Once you experience this connection, you will be permanently connected to – or entrained with – this divine dolphin frequency. Now you are on the same wavelength and the dolphins and their spirit family in all dimensions will continue to transmit Dolphin messages, healing, guidance and energy to assist you in developing your 360 senses, your Soul’s core psychic , spiritual and intuitive talents, and your Clair’s, and telepathic skills.
In this sacred, fun and WONDER -filled retreat you’ll meet with the live dolphins, and the ancient dolphin co-creators of the Atlantis wisdom and crystal communication.
They are also connected to Lemuria & the Delphinus Constellation, located in the northern sky, is one of the smallest constellations, has five stars and a diamond-shaped pattern formed by its brightest stars, which outlines the body of the celestial Dolphin! Cosmic healing is whole, unity healing with all levels of your Star and Divine beingness.


Bonuses Worth $538
1 Dolphin Recalibration High-Frequency Healing Audio ($18) (Instant Download) – Simple and easy to use recalibration of your vibration or emotional state at the moment & a high-frequency healing.

1 Mayan Jaguar Dolphin Spirit Guide 30 Min Private Session with Akasha ($300)

Post-Retreat Bonuses:
$50 off any Intuition Awakening Course for one year ($100 or more)
$30 Off Soul Reading Private Session with Akasha
Dolphins are expert vibrational healers and recalibrate you to your soul’s optimal state!
You are ready for your 360 senses to be attuned to the higher Soul Gifts and Talents you came with!
Yes! I want to Heal & Communicate with Dolphins and Recover My Soul Magic!