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Dolphin Healing & Mayan Magic Intuition Awakening In the Mayan Riviera: July 1 - 5, 2023 & December 2 - 6, 2023 pay here and then PICK YOUR DATE!

Come experience Bliss Dolphin Soul Communication Live in person! Atlantean, Lemurian & Dolphin Energy Healing and Recalibration Activations + Ancient Mayan Ceremonies, Pyramids and Key Code Activations to align you with your emerging multidimensional self.

$3555 Reserve your price with either Pay in full or $750 deposit: Choose June 30 -July 6, 3023 or December 1 - 7

When you are with the dolphins in 3-D, they raise your vibration to a state called “Brain Bliss” where true healing is (release and renewal)!

The dolphins know how to change your brainwaves and state to remove blocks in your energy body, realigning you to your optimal flow. Raising your state of consciousness frees from old patterns, fears, and heavy emotions that keep you from Your Soul’s Intuitive guidance.

Our Daily Intuition Awakening Activations will enhance the healing with the dolphins, the sacred ceremonies and sites to align you with  your multidimensional self.

During the ceremonies, dolphin meditations, healings and site activations you will experience visions, traveling into the past and the Atlantean wisdom you are ready to reaches.  power chambers. You will reawaken your intuitive powers that are ready to arise for your Soul’s path and the dolphins will help you download and integrate them into the now!

We are going to recalibrate and upgrade our crystal intuitive network and LightBody with the dolphins as our ocean friends, playmates and healers. These dolphins are incredible healers and have called to YOU to come and raise your vibration and connect to your Soul’s plan!

Experience 5 Days in paradise doing hands on Dolphin Healing, Play and Meditation plus Ancient Mayan Ceremonies & Daily Light Body Activations!

Your Soul Heard the Dolphins call!

We are going to recalibrate and upgrade our crystal intuitive network and LightBody with the dolphins as our ocean friends, playmates and healers.

These dolphins are incredible healers and have called to YOU to come and raise your vibration and connect to your Soul’s plan!

Email us now for details, FAQ’s & logistics
[email protected]

CHOOSE YOUR EVENT DATES: Retreats are $3555 – Special $100 off with deposit thru May 30, 2023.
 June 30 – July 6, 2023
(Check in June 30 @3pm, Check out July 6  @ 11 am. We begin at Saturday July 1 @9 am & end with a dinner party on July 5.). Reserve your spot now.

December 1-7, 2023 (Check in Dec 1 @4pm, Check out Dec 7  @ 11 am. We begin Dec 2 @9 am & end with a dinner party on Dec 6. ) This event is filling up, are you called?

MAIN EVENT LOCATION: Puerta Aventuras, Mayan Riviera, Mexico. A beautiful gated Caribbean resort town with wonderful restaurants, beaches and our Dolphin center for healing and joy, even golf, marinas and monkeys!

We have a beautiful private condo with pools and beach access for our retreat headquarters. We provide your accommodation for ALL 6 nights for any retreat.

Contact us here: [email protected]

TRAVEL LOGISTICS: (Contact us for happy help and room selection and travel details). You need a passport to come, and you can look up Expedited Passport Services to get one  in 1-2 weeks, however they are taking longer now, so prepare ahead please!)
Fly to Cancun, Yucatan, Mexico. This is a very easy airport with good prices. *Please arrive by the day before or sooner and do not leave until after the last day – or later.

Prearrange your airport pickup in Cancun to stay in Puerta Aventuras, Mayan Riviera. (approx 60 min south of Cancun on the coast) We will prearrange and connect you to a reliable driver, no worries.

The dolphins LOVE  to play with us – they are ASKING to connect with you, in person! Yes, we kiss, hug, play catch and swim like a pod with these master dolphin allies.  We do healing work on and with the dolphins and on and with each other in the ocean!!!
We do a healing floating meditation (epic) where the Dolphins are free to swim around you, weave, touch, and recalibrate you. I usually leave my body and travel to other star systems before it is over. INCREDIBLE!
Dolphins are expert frequency healers, I had the honor of working with them for a few years in this exact location. Doing weekly healing with the dolphins on some Parapalegic’s, one in particular Pati hs become a very close friend. From when I met her (12 years in a wheelchair, no movement from waist down) to now she can swim without help, walk and stand in the water and much more! Imagine what they can do for you!
The dolphins have called to us and wish to to assist us in our transformation and creating the new world. They are finely attuned to the highest spiritual wave lengths and can rewire your Infinite Self, Human Self and LightBody (Soul’s Blueprint, blocks and light).
The Dolphins are also attuned to Lemurian, Atlantean and Star Healing Energy. **Once you experience this connection, you will be permanently connected to – or entrained with – this divine dolphin frequency. Now you are on the same wavelength and the dolphins and their spirit family in all dimensions will continue to transmit Dolphin messages, healing, guidance and energy to assist you in developing your 360 senses, your Soul’s core psychic , spiritual and intuitive talents, and your Clair’s, and telepathic skills.
In this sacred, fun and WONDER -filled retreat you’ll meet with the live dolphins, and the ancient dolphin co-creators of the Atlantis wisdom and crystal communication.
They are also connected to Lemuria & the Delphinus Constellation, located in the northern sky, is one of the smallest constellations, has five stars and a diamond-shaped pattern formed by its brightest stars, which outlines the body of the celestial Dolphin! Cosmic healing is whole, unity healing with all levels of your Star and Divine beingness.

AMAZING BONUSES to support you before, during and after the live event! Worth $517!!!

Pre-retreat Bonuses:
1 Dolphin Recalibration High-Frequency Healing Audio ($18) (Instant Download) – Simple and easy to use recalibration of your vibration or emotional state at the moment & a high-frequency healing.
1 Private Akashic Soul Session with your Dolphin Guides with Akasha (Live, 60 min private, virtual on Zoom, recorded for you including personal messages and deep Soul healing) ($277) 2023 dates only
1 Meet Your Dolphin Spirit Guide Audio Healing Session ($22)
Post-Retreat Bonuses:
1 Atlantean, Lemurian and Delphinus Star Dolphin – Group Channeling Reunion Session (Live & Recorded after retreat) ($75)
$50 off any Intuition Awakening Course for one year($100 or more)
$30 Off Soul Reading Private Session with Akasha
Dolphins are expert vibrational healers and recalibrate you to your soul’s optimal state!
You are ready for your 360 senses to be attuned to the higher Soul Gifts and Talents you came with!
Yes! I want to Heal & Communicate with Dolphins and Recover My Soul Magic!


Please note that the Schedule Will Vary at Each Retreat and will each include a different pyramid, cenote, ceremony. All Retreats include 3 half days with the dolphins. Ask for more details.

DAY 1: Begin at the Retreat Headquarters with Intuitive Upgrades, Activations and Healing. After Lunch we Travel to the Sacbe Jungle to a Sacred Mothers womb Cenote for a Sensory Awakening Experience & Mayan Cacao Spa &  purification Ceremony.

DAY 2: FIRST DOLPHIN DAY! 8 am Meet at Retreat HQ & Go to Dolphin Center for our first play, meet and heal time with our beloved Dolphin pod!

These photos of our past Dolphin Healing Retreats shows you how wonderful it is to have this special access! We kiss, hug, play, heal, meditate and recalibrate our physical, mental, emotional and Soul level bodies! These are your Soul’s playmates and guides and they are calling you to come now! It’s an important moment in our evolution!

Day 3: Jaguar Spirit Guide & Dolphin Center Communication & Healing Day!

Morning Intuition Awakening Healings & Activations at the Dolphin House Headquarters, pool and water purifying. Channeled messages from the Mayan Jaguar Spirit Guide awakens your inner eye to a new levels of clairvoyance.
Afternoon: Dolphin Center for more Healing, Meditations and Dolphon Communication.

Yes! I want to Heal & Communicate with Dolphins!

Day 4 Dawn Activation at an Ancient Mayan Pyramid +Sacred Ancestral Mayan-Aztec Ceremony & Sound Healing in a “Sacred Well” – pure water cave called a Cenote

Morning: Mayan Pyramid Dawn Activation in Tulum or Coba
Afternoon: Private Sacred Cenote in the jungle- just for our group! We will swim, purify, tone and do sound healing & have ancestral ceremony! We get this sacred Cenote all to ourselves, to receive new Atlantean, Lemurian or Star Seed Delphinus Empowerment Key Codes
After purifying our senses we will experience a rare Mayan ceremony, created and performed just for us, with Flor Y Canto Mayan-Aztec Ceremony Team lead by my dear Aztec friend Cristian .

This amazing ceremony and sensorial experience will awaken your senses and guide you into a new reality.
Music dancing drums flutes, Sacred Copal incense, fire, water mix with exquisite feathered costumes and an experience into your new infinite reality.

Day 5 Final Dolphin Healing Center in Morning & Final Activation & Healings in the Afternoon at house + Siesta free time & Dinner Party Celebration in the evening!

Morning: We meet at the house and head to our final morning meditation and healing session with the dolphins receiving our final recalibrations, downloads and key code activations and lunch!
Afternoon: We nourish, nurture and enjoy our pool and beautiful house while we receive our final intuition activations, and messages from the star dolphins, and other guides.
Siesta: We have free time to enjoy the pool, walk the beach or rest before our celebration.
Evening: We celebrate with a dinner party and lots of love, hugs, joy and treats! Maybe even Cacao Mousse!

Yes! I want to Heal & Communicate with Dolphins!

WHAT’S INCLUDED IN THE RETREAT PRICE See Prices for Each Event. They Vary due to Seasonal Costs.

Contact us Now to arrange your optimal payment and room.

  1. INCLUDED IN THE RETREAT PRICE $3555 SPECIAL $100 off thru May 30, 2023
    • All Fees for the Activities with the Dolphins 
    • A Professional Photo Book of your time with the dolphins & manatees 
    • All transport during the retreat to and from the daily activations, events, temples, dolphin center, ceremonies and meals. 
    • Accommodations for 6 nights – double occupancy ( Ask about the Single Occupancy Fee)
    • All lunches for the 5 days of the retreat. Drinks at home base (water, juice, tea, lemonade), snacks like fruit and Cacao treats and water to fill your bottle for outings
    • Final Celebration dinner 
    • All fees for special ceremonies and special locations; Sacred Mayan Aztec Ceremony, Cacao Ceremony & Spa 
    • All fees for the Ancient Mayan Temple site 
    • All energy healing, sound healing, Atlantean and ancestral lineage healing, LightBody Attunement, Intuition Awakening activations, healings during the event. 
    • All tips for drivers, servers, ceremony guides and Dolphin center (you can contribute too if you wish!)



  • Flights to and from Cancun
  • Airport transportation to and from airport (we provide the driver contact)
  • Additional Accommodations before or after the retreat dates 
  • Any other personal transport outside of the retreat activities
  • Meals: Breakfast and Dinner on all days except the Final Dinner Party
  • Tips and gratuities (outside the retreat dates and on your own purchases and services)
  • Shopping, Souvenirs, snacks outside our main meeting place, special food, medicines, specialty, coffee and and alcoholic drinks
Yes! I want to Heal & Communicate with Dolphins!

PUERTA AVENTURAS – Our Paradise Riviera Maya Location for our Event & DOLPHIN HOME BASE & RETREAT HEADQUARTERS

SEE what PAST RETREAT ATTENDEES SAY about these EPIC Retreats!

I am so good!! I really am a different person!
Since I’ve come home all the things that would frustrate me and upset me annoying me or anger me, no longer do, and if they start to I could see how my energy is going into old patterns and I can make a decision and take a next step back into my flow. This is Major!!”
I woke up really happy and fired up to go and instead of judging how much I had accomplished the day before or not accomplished, I looked around felt joy look at all I did look at how much better things are. This is helping me to see my chronic patterns that try to hold me back or tear me down, and my interactions with my family have dramatically transformed. I’m definitely coming back to the next retreat!

Julie LingMayan Magic Equinox Retreat March 2018

“This retreat was much bigger than an experience, I do not even know what to call it, it is so beyond and experience. I will be processing these shifts for awhile."


“I would do this again IN A HEARTBEAT! This BlissLife Retreat was a phenomenal VIP week of exploring Mayan Ruins, meditation and Shamanic Healing ceremonies... swimming literally with the dolphins, manatees and sea lions... leaving me in complete relaxation by this incredibly beautiful beach... thank you Nan and Chris”


“I had a very deep experience with the dolphins. It is like they are looking into your Soul! It felt really good, they are just pure light and now I know how I can come from a place of joy and love and serve that way.”


“In the dolphin healing meditation I went to the universe and I was floating so beautiful, then this intense love came , and I let go, totally and completely... it was really emotional, I was filled gratefulness for all their help.”


“I arrived after cancer surgery, and all life had dropped out from under me - not knowing who I am anymore.
Being here was somehow completing some sort of healing loop. It was so cleansing and releasing to be in water with dolphins and you (Nan), I feel a lot more clear and centered”

E. A.

" You are a breath of Fresh Air" Linda C
“This was a transformative experience. Love to all of my fellow soul seekers.”


“Hi - grateful again for all of your guidance and love.... thank you Nan and Chris once again for a profound experience that goes beyond my human words -
I hope many have the abilities to experience joy and pure bliss as I have felt this last week.”


Before the end of the retreat. I could see and understand what you see more and things are manifesting quickly... and the most powerful and magical was at The top of Cobá Mayan Pyramid, on the equinox, when I realized I had my special guide... (from Atlantis) That was the first time during a guided meditation, with my pineal gland activated I could really experience, see and feel my guide merging and connecting with me...the colors along with an explosion of bliss… And my life has truly not been the same since...I can easily connect any time!

John TheobaldMayan Magic Equinox Retreat March 2018

Hi - grateful again for all of you , your guidance friendships and love ....
Thank you Nan and Chris once again for a profound experience that goes beyond my human words. So I will just say love and Light may peace be with you and I hope many have the abilities to experience joy and pure bliss as I have felt this last week.

Sarah BaconMayan Magic Equinox Retreat March 2018

It was an amazing 10 days for me. I have changed so deeply in my thoughts and my beliefs in this short time. Deep gratitude to Nan and Chris for creating this possibility for me and others!!!
Each of the members of the group also provided me deep insights into my self and the nature of our reality. I connected deeply with each of you and for that I am forever blessed. I choose to allow a whole lotta that into my life from this moment onwards. Love and light to you amazing beings! Thank you all!

Paul HanreiderMayan Magic Equinox Retreat September 2017

I came to swim with the dolphins, that was a 10 year dream that I brought into reality, and it was beyond great, there’s no way to put into words the level of awesomeness of that experience.. We got to BE Dolphins!
Swimming with dolphins, especially without a trainer. Teaching them new communication ways, and being a part of the next level with them…

Jonathan PowersMayan Magic Decode Your Destiny Retreat March 2017

This retreat was much bigger than an experience, I do not even know what to call it, it is so beyond an experience. I will be processing these shifts for awhile.

Linda McGearyMayan Magic Equinox Retreat September 2017

Wow Nan, what a gift, you actually had access to the temple, W O W ! ! !
Pretty sure this was one of many unique magical experiences you guys had. I know when Nan is around.... you will never know whats gonna happen next!.

Roni DiazMayan Magic Decode Your Destiny Retreat March 2017