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The Ancient Avalon Goddesses & Merlin the Master Alchemist invite you to awaken your Sacred Feminine Powers of Divination in the Otherworld of Avalon-Glastonbury.

LEARN ANCIENT DIVINE FEMININE DIVINATION METHODS and awaken Celtic Goddess Soul Secrets within in the Magical Realms & Waters of Avalon/Glastonbury October 7-13, 2024 & Sacred Feminine Ancient Stone Secrets & Stargate Activations at Avebury Stone Circle Oct 13-17, 2024

The Divine Earth Goddess & Magical Mentor Merlin invite you into the deep, rich mists of Avalon. The ancient wisdom and supernatural powers of the Lady of the Lake, Fairy Queen Morgan Le Fey & the Red & White Earth Dragons call to you now… “time to Re-awaken your Ancient Divination Skills & Magical Powers of Manifestation”.

Re-access your Deep Sacred Feminine Powers  of healing, divination, healing & communicating with the Ancient Well Waters, the Celtic and Druidis Stones, The Michael and Mary Ley Lines of magical power, Nature Spirits, Gaia & Elementals, 

Open the Treasure of your Soul in the Mists of Magical Avalon in the year of the Dragon & Goddess Reunion.
MORGAN le FEY, MERLIN, the MAGDALENE, MICHAEL, the Lady of the Lake, the Faerie Realms & the Holy Chalice – your Soul’s Grail

Divine Dragon Dowsing lessons in sacred sites! Awaken your own LIGHT MERIDIANS (Ley Lines in your LightBody) & AMPLIFY your INTUITIVE SENSES for earth energy grids and currents, sacred places and optimal energies for you with professional 2nd Gen Dowser, Druid & Ancient Stone Expert .

CELTIC MAGIC WAND! Spend a day making magic in the Apple Orchards to the Goddess House making your own WAND! Source, activate, make and bless your own magical Celtic Goddess want with a Celtic Goddess Artist as our guide!
CELTIC WATER MAGIC at SACRED SPRINGS & WELLS! Powerful sacred ceremony’s and goddess healings and Access to sacred wells,  Charge sacred well water and take it within you. Private access to both the Red & White Spring just for your group.
Enter the sacred wells of ancient Avalaon and purify and nourish your ancient soul…


We will enter the sacred gardens, and walk in the luminous light of the ancient goddesses as we purify ourselves, gather water to medicine and to program. We will experience private meditation time here and 3 opportunities to connect to the many sanctuaries within this gorgeous Isle of Avalon.

“It is said that beneath its waters Joseph of Arimathea hid the Chalice of the Last Supper and immediately the waters flowed red…” “the waters gushed sometimes red, and sometimes blue.”
HEALING MAGIC WATERS you can drink, take and program these waters for your unique healing.
The Mystical Powers of this well stem from the magical goddess realms, the divine resurrection powers and the 3 attributes the waters have in common with human blood: Red (iron), Warm (flowing form the body of Gaia) & Coagulates (like blood)!

PRIVATE ACCESS for our group to the

Our Magic and Divination Awakening will begin the first morning with a PRIVATE GODDESS PURIFICATION CEREMONY & ACTIVATION at the sacred well and gardens of the CHALICE WELL.

Sacred geometry meets sacred waters at the Vesicle Pool.
Activate your inner eye at vesica piscis-shaped pool (2 circles intersecting to form the EYE – the spiritual, first, all seeing, balanced sacred masculine/feminine INNER EYE.).

There are 7 organic shaped bowls (chakras) that flow into each other to form a stream of Gais magic waters into your awakening Clairvoyance and ability to see between the worlds.


The final morning of our divine feminine empowerment will include a PRIVATE ONE HOUR WHITE CELTIC WATER GODDESS MAGIC PURIFICATION CEREMONY & ACTIVATION in this sacred place. 

Water Cave Healing & Rebirth on our final day!
Use the Sacred Celtic Water Magic you have learned at the altars to the god & goddess and purify in a spiritual white light “baptism” in this deeply spiritual “cave” (man-made well house under the Tor)

Welcome to GLASTONBURY – the most spiritual, historic, beautiful, goddess friendly and vibrant town in England! 

We will be in the center of this ancient mystical countryside in the charming town, enjoying the excellent restaurants and plethora of spiritual stores. There is a  large amount of vegetarian, vegan and organic food available too (yay!).

We will be exploring all the sacred sites here during our Quest. Each place has secrets, layers of history and magic and we will enter each in a sacred way, walking between the worlds.
Sacred sites we will visit include:
The Tor – the Isle of Avalon now holds onetower of the Micheal Church. The Tor hill itself is encoded with a Druid Labyrinth, contains mystical energies, stunning ley lines (Michael and Mary meet here) epic views and sunrises and sets from here are stellar. We will visit many times for different purposes.

The Sacred Waters:  Within the hill are sacred springs and waters full of magic from Avalon. The White Spring is inside the hill and the Chalice Well gardens are next to the Tor. We have private access for our group to both of these and will visit them many times as well to program water, cleanse, charge, honor and purify.

The Ancient Glastonbury Abbey (possible burial place of Arthur and Guinevere) has an unparalleled history and legends in all of England. On Mary Magdalene Street the Abbey is an Earth Power Vortex spot where ancients throughout time have built sacred temples including this one on sacred geometry. The energy of all these as well as the famous Ley Line are still here in this very powerful spot. The Lady Chapel and the black spring (another sacred water we will activate), the Great Church, the Abbot’s Kitchen and an alms-house chapel with a labrynth, dedicated to St. Patrick.

Labyrinths: We will be walking the Druid Tor Labyrinth and the classic one at the Abbey. These are very fun and powerful experiences to walk into your center, shadow and out light.

The Goddess Temple: We will be blessed by a sound bath with the Temple Priestesses and also experience the Goddess House a few times for healing and wand making.

RETREAT DETAILS 3 Parts to Join!
Avalon Magic Retreat in Glastonbury England Oct 8-13 & Avebury Sacred Stone Circle Inner Goddess Stargate Activations & Attunements  13 – 17, 2024


An incredible (optional) BONUS DAY October 8 with an Ancient Earth Energies Expert Dowser & Druid

Reserve Your Spot now (only 12 spots for this intimate retreat) with a deposit, full pay or Email us now for logistics and a Conversation with Akasha.
3 Part Retreat: Choose 1, 2 or all 3 parts (recommended). This is designed to take you from one activation and experience to the next to create the most empowering, healing and magical experience.

PART 1: Pre Retreat Day October 8 @ 9-5pm Divine Divination School Dowsing Sacred Site with Expert & Dowsing rods to use or buy. Lessons, lore and secrets of the sacred sites, lunch, entrance tickets and 1 night Accommodation on Oct 7 included! *Ask about non-accommodation option if you live nearby. Arrive Oct 7. [email protected]

PART 2: Avalon Magic Retreat in Glastonbury October 8-13 (Arrive 7, depart 13)  –  includes 5 nights accommodation
Includes: Dowsing for Ley Lines Instruction & Hands on Experience in Sacred Places with Michael and Mary Line and more.
Sacred Wand Creation day, incredible day gathering and creating your new Prosperity Magic Wand to and bless it at many magical places. Infused with the magic of Avalon and with ceremony and guided by a local Celtic Goddess Artist.

Charming Accommodations Included!


Join us for this amazing day with our special Guest Guide on October 8 (part 1 add on day) to Learn Dowsing In Glastonbury’s Sacred Sites & Famous Ley Lines. A 30 year author and researcher, Maria Wheatley, has researched megalithic sites across the world. Maria is a second generation dowser and geomancer who is the UK’s leading authority on the geodetic earth energies, ley lines and grid lines.

A druid and wise goddess woman she will teach us to use dowsing rods to find the sacred healing spots, Michael & Mary ley lines, powerful earth energies and dragon lines throughout the landscape, the Tor, the Abbey, Avebury and more.This is a valuable Divination skill that will also activate the meridians or dragon/ley lines in your own lightbody to realign you to your soul’s gifts and healing energies for body and mind.

Learning, sensing and feeling the earth energies activate your meridians and “ley lines” and changes your relationship with Gaia and your own body. You will heighten your intuitive senses, learn new and advanced divination skills and awaken your key codes that this land, and realms have been holding for you.

Arrive in Glastonbury Oct 7, we begin 9 am Oct 8.
1 night accommodation in Glastonbury
All fees for sites and Expert Guide

Sacred Feminine Magic
PART 2 October 8-13 Retreat
This is the Main Event!

LEARN ANCIENT DIVINE FEMININE DIVINATION METHODS and awaken Celtic Goddess Soul Secrets within in the Magical Realms & Waters of Avalon/Glastonbury October 8-13, 2024

Day 1 Chalice Well Red Springs Private Access & Healing & Divination & on the Tor
Day 2 Sound Healing Bath at The Goddess Temple with Avalon Priestesses & 7 Fold Labyrinth & Healing at the White Springs
Day 3 Celtic Goddess Wand Making Day in the Orchards, Sacred Wells and Goddess House with Local Celtic Goddess Artist
Day 4 White Springs Private Access & Final Labyrinth, Divination & Healing
Dinner Celebration

3 Payment OPTIONS: on the payment button select the option you like best:
Choose Option 1 to pay $1000 deposit 
(Balance Due on or before August 8),
Choose Option 2 to pay in full 
(sale until July 7 or until all spots are taken)
Choose Option 3 to start a payment plan : Start in May – 4 month payment plan (May, June, July, August)  ($835/mo now sale $750/mo)

Price for the Full Oct 8-13 Retreat
5 night & 6 days October 7 – 13 (Part 2)
breakfast and lunch
5 nights accommodations in Glastonbury on October 8 – 12 (double occupancy)
Arrive Oct 8 – depart Oct 13, or stay for Part 3.
All tickets to any sacred sites, wells
4 Breakfasts (B&B)
4 Lunches
1 Dinner
PRIVATE ACCESS for our group to the Chalice Well & White Springs
Sound Bath healing at the Goddess Temple by Avalon Goddess Temple Priestesses
Lessons- entire day in th
Wand making day (take it home) with Celtic Goddess Artist
Akasha’s healing, activations, transmissions, Earth Goddess Divination Lessons: Activate more Celtic Water Magic, Divination lessons using the earth currents, sites and nature spirit and goddesses & Alchemy with Merlin, and Sacred masculine/feminine balancing healings at Michael and Mary ley lines,
Tips and fees for all experiences
$3333  NOW SALE $2997

Option 2 With Single occupancy
$3833 NOW SALE $3497

ONLY 12 Spots Available – NOW only 8 spots open Reserve Early



We will be doing divination amongst the stones and surrounds of this most sacred of sanctuaries. We have some amazing locations and earth energies to explore. From the tail of the serpent temple to its heart., including one day with our Druid Dowsing expert and famous author on this site Maria.

DATES: Oct 13-17. Arrive 13 , depart 17.  We will spend the night of October 13 in Glastonbury (if you are already here you will rest today). Oct 14 We meet at 10 am to head off to Avebury Stone Circle for 2 nights, returning Oct 16 for the last night in Glastonbury. We have reservations at one of the only places in Avebury for our group to spend 2 night IN this sacred site (included in price)! Wow dream healing and travel!

Both nights in Avebury we will be going out at night as well to sense the energies, stars and spirits who are unseen in the day!

On October 15 Maria our dowsing and geomancy expert will join us and take us to other sacred sites in the area that hold long skulled people, goddess powers, ancient portals and more. We will be sensing earth grids, dragon lines and she will show us how to find power spots IN the stones (like the Spine Stone where you line up your spine to the 3 energy vortexes and lay against it for a chakra attunement!). Healing on steroids with Gaia’s energies, the ancients the star people and more!

Mysteries of the ancients is everywhere in this mystical landscape full of ancient Neolithic monuments that hold crystals (in the stones and land), wisdom, power, and secrets and together we tap into these to travel through time and reawaken our ancient earth wisdom.

Avebury is the largest ancient stone circle in England and contains 3 circles, an enormous henge and many more sacred symbols, carvings, stones and spots. The earth energies here were intentionally used and aligned to the cosmic stars and seasonal cycles to harness the most powerful energies.

We can find, feel and use these sacred portals and energies for our healing and activations. These are stargates and  they open portals and interdimensional light girds that enable time travel and enhanced (like earth acupuncture) has significant sacred geometries and secrets hidden everywhere!

There are many sites here, we will be busy day and NIGHT (rare opportunity to be on site at night!) visiting, chanting, activating and speaking with the ancients, goddess spirits and stone people. The ancients will come out at night and These ancient Stones are filled with sacred feminine energies and nearby the ancient long headed peoples and the Queen lived.

Arrive and Depart in Glastonbury Oct 13 – 17, 2024
4 nights accommodation – 2 Glastonbury & 2 Avebury
3 Lunches
1 Dinner
All fees for sites and Guide
Transport  Glastonbury to Avebury and back
Healing, Activations, Night transmissions
$2333 –  SALE NOW ONLY $1997

Make Your Own Magic Avalon Infused Wand

On this magical day, we will enjoy the enchanting Celtic goddess artist, Kubi, for a day of magical ceremonies at the most mystical sites of Glastonbury, as she guides us through the process of making your own personalised crystal wand from the fallen branches of Avalon’s apple orchards. A beautiful Celtic magic day with a personal rite of passage with some gorgeous ancient rituals.

We’ll begin at the Avalon Orchards, where we’ll be creating a nature mandala alter for a fire ceremony to release anything you’d like to cast to the flames before walking through the threshold and leaving behind what can no longer pass beyond the arch to your future.

We’ll walk to connect with the sacred land and bond with your chosen tree. We’ll be giving an offering in exchange for a stick to use for your wand and going on a shamanic journey with my drum to meet your spirit animal and channel visions from your tree.

Next up, we’ll walk up to the Tor to do an initiation ceremony inside the tower which rests upon (what is believed to be) the heart chakra of the world, the resting place of merlin and entrance to the fairy kingdom, to bless the wand sticks and charge them with the energy of the powerful leylines. You’ll have a chance to collect the healing water from the white springs and to visit the mystical shrines hidden within on the way back down too! (They’re currently only open on Tues , Thurs, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays). If you’re feeling brave, you might even fancy taking a dip to baptise yourself in the White Springs!

We’ll stop at Chalice Wells for lunch to cast our wishes into the well. This is the beautiful sacred garden where the chalice from the last supper was thrown beneath the tor, turning it into the red healing waters too.

After a lunch break, you’ll be shown how to sculpt and decorate the wands with crystals and details of your choice, whilst exploring the meaning of expressing our souls potential and highest self. What role are you stepping into in the next chapter your life and who will you become?

While we let the wand clay harden, we’ll head to the Goddess House for a beautiful wand ceremony , featuring a guided meditation to call in your higher self and heal the 7 chakras to clear your energies for the journey ahead as a magical, sacredly made and infused wand owner!

Finally, we’ll end with a card reading and an initiation ceremony where you can invoke whatever you’d like to initiate yourself into for the next chapter of your life (we’ll write this on a scroll which you can take home along with your new wand). This is a beautiful opportunity to make any commitments to spirit with one another as your sacred witness, as we bless your path ahead and drink the spring water to make it so!


Bonuses Worth $377
1 50% Off “Divination Intuition Summer Camp” 2024! ($166 Sale – $277 Full Price)

2 Violet Flame Cleanse or Love Bath Healing Meditation Audio (Instant Download) ($15)

3 – 1 30 minute Private Session with Akasha ($166) recorded on audio, with messages from the Sprit guides for this trip and your purpose in coming.

4 – $30 Off Soul Reading Private Session with Akasha

You are here on a fully funded mission and have so much support, guidance and ancient wisdom to recalibrate you to your soul’s optimal state!
You are ready for your 360 senses to be attuned to the higher Soul Gifts and Talents you came with!
Yes! I am ready to Reserve my spot for the Part 1 Divine Dowsing Day with MariaYes! I am ready to Reserve my spot for the Part 1 Divine Dowsing Day with MariaYes! I am ready to Reserve my spot for the Part 2 Mysteries of Avalon Magical Quest Retreat Oct 8-13Yes! I am ready to Reserve my spot for the Part 2 Mysteries of Avalon Magical Quest Retreat Oct 8-13Single Occupancy Payment Page for Part 1, 2, 3 or all