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Rise of Gaia & the Sacred Feminine


Awaken Ancient Magic, the Sacred Feminine & Reconnect to the Lifeforce of Gaia in Greece with Sacred Soul Guide and Channel Akasha

"KNOW THYSELF” - Ancient Oracle of Delphi October 1-7, 2024 for only $3985

AWAKEN YOUR MAGIC ON THIS  SOUL JOURNEY to the most powerful and mystical Temples in Mainland Greece with the ANCIENT ORACLE of Delphi, the Ancient Greek Gods & Goddesses, Nature spirits!
The land and spirits have called us home at this vital time of our spiritual evolution!
YOU are a key in raising Gaia’s sacred feminine powers to being balance and prosperity back to earth. We will be reactivating the WEALTH, LOVE and RESPECT in the land, the temples and in each of US called back to the ’Naval” of the world (ancient Delphi).

These ancient sites still hold the magic, wisdom and power, and you hold KEY CODES that will unlock them! You will receive and give 5D DNA codes that are essential temples of healing and wisdom, especially the most famous divine feminine Ancient Oracles.

My events are soul awakening experiences that are 100% channeled in the moment from the land after preparing and communicating with the spirits.

The ancient stones, nature spirits, the powers of the sacred feminine, Gaia, the ancient Oracle… even the healing temples and the LIGHT within all of this land and sacred places is waking up.

You are the one who is called, a soul appointment, so open these light codes and begin the new era of the divine balance and abundance we are designed for.

Your Heart Heard the Ancient call of your Soul!

The Ancient Powers are awakening, the sacred feminine is rising and the Oracle is returning. We walk the stunning land in a sacred way, communicating with the ancient spirits of light, lands and temples. We channel activations, receive Oracle messages and receive healing from Gaia to reawaken our soul gifts.

Ancient Greece Sacred Wisdom
Itinerary October 1-7, 2023 
with Akasha, Oracle, Seer, Fairy Godmother

ANCIENT GREECE Return of the Oracle
Itinerary October 1-7, 2023
with Akasha


Arrival in Athens and Airport Transport not included,  we will provide you with the reliable driver to arrange your pick up)

Check into Hotel (included)

*BE READY FOR AN EARLY START on DAY 2 we leave at 5:00am – totally worth it!
Prepare for an easy Breakfast to go package* (included)

Day 2 October 2: Delphi Oracle Day
*Early Departure 5:00 am* Transport Athens to Delphi – You will be picked up at your Hotel. 

Morning: Ancient Delphi Sacred Oracle Site: Walk the Sacred Way, Oracle Rock, Temple of Apollo, Sanctuary of Athena, Oracle, Wealth  & Respect for the Oracle of ancient Delphi Activation and Sacred Feminine Gaia Navel Activation

Lunch together in Delphi (included)

Afternoon: Pan’s Corycian Cave original cave of the oracle sacred ceremony Magic Moment! and Re connect to the umbilical cord of Gaia, turn on the Sacred Feminine flow Activation and messages.

Drop off at Hotel
Early Dinner in Delphi (not included)

Evening Possible Meditation in the stadium at the top of the Delphi Site!! Magic Moment!* Subject to opening hours & weather

OVERNIGHT In Delphi (included)

Day 3 October 3: Delphi- Corinth – Napflio Day

Breakfast at Hotel in Delphi (included) Pick up at Hotel

Morning: Enter Delphi Sacred Site for Oracle Activation #2 and Museum

Lunch in quaint town on the way to Corinth (included)

Afternoon Ancient Corinth: Stunning ancient site with healing centers, baths and many temples & activation

Check in Hotel in Nafplio for 2 nights (included) – Drop off at Hotel

Ocean Walk on boardwalk & Possible Meditation *

Dinner in picturesque Nafplio by the sea (not included)

Overnight in Napflio (included)

Day 4 October 4: Napflio – Ancient Messene – Nafplio Day – Goddesses & Healing Magic

Early Breakfast & Departure at 6:15am (included) Pick up at Hotel

Morning: Ancient Messene Sacred Site for Goddess Temple activations & Sound Healings: Aphrodite, Artemia, Arena and Isis and healing centers

Lunch in Messene (included)

Afternoon return to ancient Messene for more Healing & Oracle Messages

Late afternoon drive back to Nafplio & Drop off at Hotel 

Dinner in Nafplio (not included)

Overnight in Nafplio (included)

Day 5 October 5: Napflio – Epidaurus Healing Temple & Theater – Athens Day

Breakfast at Hotel in Napflio (included) & Check out Pick up at hotel

Morning: Depart Nafplio and go to Epidaurus Ancient Healing Center and a theater for Healing Activations in Asclepion, Healing Center of this god and place of spiritual advice, direct from god of healing & his daughters the pillar of Health (Hyegia, Panacea…)

Lunch delicious Taverna (included)

Afternoon: Head to Athens to Explore  Sacred Sites

Check in Athens Hotel (for 2 nights) Drop off at Hotel 

Dinner in Athens (not included)

Overnight in Athens (included)

Day 6 October 6: Sacred Athens, Acropolis Athena – Sounio Temple Poseidon, Solar Sunset Initiation & Final Celebration Dinner

Breakfast Athens (included)

Morning: Sacred Athens Athena Goddess of Wisdom, Protection & Strength Re-Empowerent Tour – Acropolis, temples, museums, Ancient Agora  with Temple of Hephaestus, 

Lunch together in delicious Plaka, Athens Cafe (included)
Explore Plaka, shops, squares and return to your hotel for a rest

Late Afternoon: Final Activation  Sounio, Temple of Poseidon at Sunset!
Solar Initiation and Deep integration (depart 4:30pm) pick up from Hotel

Dinner celebration together in Athens (included)!

OVERNIGHT In Athens (included)

Day 7 October 7: Departure Day

Check out and Depart Athens
We will assist you in arranging your Airport Transfer (Cost not included, average $65)



TRAVEL LOGISTICS: Contact Donna [email protected] for happy help and travel details.
You need a current passport
No vaccines or tests required to enter Greece.
Please check your Country for reentry requirements.
Fly to and from Athens, Greece arrive October 1 or earlier, Depart October 7 or later.June 4, 2024
Full Moon Oracle Tour is followed by a special Sacred Island tour


6 Nights accommodations (double occupancy) Oct 1-6* (check out Oct 7th)
All entrance fees and tickets to all Ancient & natural sites and museums we visit (Oct 2-6*)
All transport during the retreat from town to sites with private van and driver (Oct 2-6*)
All Sacred activations, Oracle messages Energy Healings, meditations and channeled messages with Akasha
5 Breakfasts included (Oct 2-6*)
5 Lunches (Oct 2-6*)
1 Final dinner celebration on the last day of activities Oct 6, 2023

Not Included in the Price

Airport transport in Athens (Approx 45-$65 USD) (We will assist you to book our trusted driver)
All dinners except final night Celebration Dinner Oct 6, 2023
Alcohol, specialty, coffee drinks
Gifts, souvenirs, extra activities, sites or shopping
Hotel Upgrades: Single Occupancy or additional nights (ask us for details and prices, we are happy to help)

AMAZING BONUSES to support you before, during and after the live event! Worth $72!

RETREAT BONUSES From Akasha Worth $242
1 Ancient Delphi Oracle Speaks Meditation with Akasha, Gaia, Pythia (Original Oracle), Pan, god of nature and Apollo, god of prophecy, healing, music, sun and beauty. ($22)
$50 off any Intuition Awakening, Soul Star or other course in the Akasha Shop ($100 or more) (good for one year)
$30 Off Soul Reading Private Session with Akasha ($277) (Live, Virtual & Recorded for you)

MEET AKASHA, YOUR SACRED GUIDE, SEER, ORACLE & Fairy Godmother for the October 2023 Ancient Wisdom Tour to Greece

Nan Akasha, CHT DH MM KM GM

Ancient Seer, Oracle & Channel for Spirit Guides, Realm Walker, Mystery School Founder, Master LightBody Healer, Spiritual Mentor & Teacher, Bestselling Author, Public Speaker, Ancient Mystery Explorer & Fairy Godmother, she is a “heart chakra with legs”.

Nan Akasha is a visionary who has traveled dimensions for 36 years and has a conscious memory of her ancient lives in Greece, Egypt, The British Isles, in Mayan lives and Native American.

A multiple Mystery School initiate including the Melchizedek Method, Akasha has been initiated into Mayan Jaguar Vision and she the “uncanny ability to see right to the core of your challenge”.

An Oracle, Seer, Intuitive with a reconnected gift to be able to see, sense and move energy on many dimensions, Akasha creates soul healing through her multidimensional shamanic healing and teachings.

A spirit guide, animal and dolphin communicator, recently called the “Dolphin Whisperer”, she opens you to your inner truth, power, purpose and path.
Author of 7 bestselling books and hundreds of online programs, Akasha is called a “Fairy Godmother” and “like Abraham Hicks on steroids” by her students,

You can find Akasha at 

We will enjoy the beautiful shops, cafes and tavernas in the towns we are staying in. Athens, Delphi and Napflio.