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Your Chakras or energy centers are key receptors to your intuitive senses. Awaken and understand how your chakras can be cleansed, cleared, reconnected, and re-attuned to your Soul Signature Frequency.

July 19 to 23, 2021

free 5-day Intuition challenge and I will share some amazing insights on what intuition really is!

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"Conscious Intuition is Accepting the Abundance of Support, Solutions, Guidance & Joyful Possibilities that Exist within You... and Living from it!"

- Nan Akasha

Each day from July 19 through July 24 we’re going to meet Monday through Friday will spend about 30 minutes doing an intuition expanding experience. Then on Saturday, we’re going to spend an hour or two together and I’m gonna do live intuitive readings.
Day 1 July 19
Day 2 July 20
Day 3 July 21
Day 4 July 22
Day 5 July  23

Day 6 July 24
Live Intuitive Readings! Come and out tour make in for a reading!

"Conscious Intuition is Accepting the Abundance of Support, Solutions, Guidance & Joyful Possibilities that Exist within You... and Living from it!"

- Nan Akasha

Hooray! You listened to your inner voice and found your next step!

Welcome beautiful being of light! I am so delighted you found your way here and you are ready to consciously live a life of flow, self love and purpose!

I have traveled over 30 years seeking my true self and powers in this life alone and can enthusiastically say – the journey was worth it! I can look at my life and see the magic, wonder and prosperity that came every time I listened to my inner voice and aligned my actions to my inner guidance.

I live on the beach (a life long dream) with my Soulmate – the most loving man I know, doing what I love and helping the most beautiful people around the world!

I am amazed daily at how I ended up in the right place at the right time with the right people and a truly magical life. It was not because I worked hard (yes, I have been a workaholic with strong lack of self esteem driven to achieve more to be ‘good enough”).

It’s because I kept going underneath each failure, loss and frustration to the energy. It’s because I let go of what others said and what I was told I was or could be and kept listening to my heart.

Living a conscious intuitive life means balance and guidance, relaxed faith and open wonder. I kept listening to my intuition, even when it was hard to hear and not too clear.

I ended up  in my “happy place” despite struggles, losses and pains (from a daughter dying to losing everything in a divorce to a powerful near death experience last year and my partner suffering a severe seizure).

Maybe you feel life is empty of the deeper meaning your heart yearns for too. Perhaps like so many of my students you want more in your life, you feel you are meant for something bigger and want to finally be yourself but don’t know how.

Do you feel it’s hard to trust yourself or believe you have a loving, ever present intuitive network that knows your Soul’s mission and can guide you through any challenge to a happy, fulfilling, abundant life?

Then you are in the right place! I can honestly say I am happier, more centered and trusting than ever in my life and things are not “perfect” in the way I thought that had to be.

I want to take you on a journey into the wondrous, vast, multidimensional YOU that is already hardwired to connect to conscious, loving energies beyond your imagining.

The time is here – we have arrived at the moment of the grand transformation. That means you are already intuitive, and you can awaken the gifts (inner visions, clariaudience, psychic senses and much more…) that you have within your light body.

My life went from wanting to die (several times) to feeling a calm presence and peaceful joy being me. All of that is because I went within and stopped chasing my happiness outside of me.

I gave up what others thought and started to listen to my senses. I learned to trust and decipher the messages, synchonricities and visions. I kept expanding and following my heart.

Life is a healing journey and I discovered everything I did, success or failure, was an empowering step on my path to my divine flow. I want to take you past your doubt and into the immense multiverse of possibilities that is already waiting for you when you awaken your intuition.

I invite you to join me this summer for a sensory expansion, an energy cleanse and an upgrade to your many intuitive pathways! We will attune, awaken, download, and recalibrate your energy and abilities so you can trust, receive and flow into the life your Soul intended!

Thank you for being here, I am on this path with you and together we can raise the planet and ourselves into new balanced beauty and create a life beyond anything any of us have imagined before.

Struggle, lack and pain is in the past! Now it’s time to accept your infinite nature and powers and create consciously.

You are designed to co-create with many energies and be supported by an infinite world filled with loving beings like nature spirits, angels, ascended masters, celestials, elementals, even fairies and your own body intelligence!

Much Love,

"You are a multidimensional sensory being who is ready to become aware of your full capabilities. You were pre-programmed to "wake up" to your unknown skills, soul talents and intuitive channels at this time. " - Nan Akasha

Meet Your Intuition Awakening Guide & Teacher

Nan Akasha, CHT, HM, MM, KM, GM, LBHM

Akasha has an “uncanny ability to see right to the core of your challenge” according to her clients. A seven-time #1 best-selling author and popular speaker, Akasha is “like Abraham Hicks on steroids”. Founder of the BlissLife, LightBody Mystery & Healing School and a 35-year energy healer, spiritual teacher, master hypnotherapist, Nan has created over 166 online programs (“Infinity Light Weaving”, international bestseller “Flip Your Rich Switch™”). Nan combines decades of study with master healers, shamans, indigenous healers, and mystery schools with dozens of certifications in vibrational medicine to create practical and powerful Soul Purpose Sessions and courses for healing, manifesting, and spiritual growth. An award-winning businesswoman, Nan and her Soulmate Chris live on the Emerald Coast in the Yucatan while their twin girls are at college.