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Full Moon Eclipse Alter

By November 8, 2022January 13th, 2023Blog

Blessings on this epic full moon eclipse portal!

I gave you a wonderful ritual below and I made a little video for you of my altar! LOOK below for the 11-11 Event of Light Thursday 3-6pm central!

I was inspired today after the eclipse happened this morning at 6 AM Eastern time.

We’re still feeling the eclipse and we will for two weeks and then the effects will continue for months.

So you’re still in the journey and we’re moving towards the 11-11 portal of light on Friday so it’s an epic and magical time.

It’s also a time of massive change so I want you to be at peace today being your intuitive self today.

Here is my little video of my >Altar<.

What I love about creating a little vortexes of energy in my home in my yard, is that they channel through me intuitively for my highest good at the moment.

They don’t have to be permanent, or perfect, and I don’t think it up in my brain.

This is an intuitive process that allows all the other magical realms of the angels, the nature, spirits, the crystals, the celestial, the animal spirits, they all are here all the time for our healing, and guidance if we are on our path and opening our senses.

I made several alter before the eclipse, and I read and arranged my main altar in my bedroom that I use for my shows, and my classes nearly daily.

So it was fun to be inspired and intuitively dance, chant, move, sing, and enter a flowing multi-dimensional, expanded and conscious state.

As I did this, I realized that the table in my little house, my dolphin house by my pool on the beach didn’t really have anything beautiful on it.

So I cleared away the functional items and I began to dance around the room and whatever called me, I picked it up, and I placed it on the table.

I paid no attention to what I picked up or where I put it until I felt complete.

One of the items on the altar is a heart chakra crystal singing bowl.

So the first thing I did was stand by the crystal bowl and play it and allow it to open my heart.

As it opened and expanded my heart, it did the same with the room, and took the energies of the altar and all of the elementals and guides and expanded it through the room, the building the land, the waters at the earth.

As a part of all that is in this portal of the eclipse, I am joyfully being in a space where I release who I was, and embrace, who I am becoming without, any intention or interference from my mind or fear.

I highly recommend you do this yourself. Activate your light body, cleanse yourself a tune to the flow that you’re in in your life with you understand it or not, and move anything around it could be a leaf a stone could be a candle could be a scarf of a particular color could be a statue or Crystal. It could be some tiny stones or some leaves from an herb could be seeds from popcorn or dried beans.

Alters can be created from anything.

Look around and simply let it flow through you.

Ask that the energies that are optimal for you at this time to get you into the flow as you move towards your next portal of light to move through you.

The altars I made before the eclipse were guides and energies that came to support me, and all of the living beings that live on my land, as well as the building.

This new altar is coming because we are all new. We are all different. We’ve already moved through the peak of the eclipse.

So these energies from this altar are embodying and guiding us in our new path as our new identity with our new senses and our new connection to our purpose.

Then you look at what you gathered and the energies.

What’s the meaning – what’s the color? What’s the power of that particular crystal or statue?

When I feel inspired to create an altar, or an energy vortex like this new full moon Eclipse Altar I prepare my space and LightBody and then allow the energies to guide me.

I just flow and I don’t think about what, where, why. I am the clear channel for the optimal energy at this time for our highest good.

The more I look and interact with it, the more I see the deeper meaning, power and healing.

There are 4 EYES in the 4 directions, facing above and below! There is balance of masculine and feminine and 3 pyramids…

There’s Sacred geometrical forms and symbols and all kinds of stones with powers of clearing, protecting, healing, abundance… love!!!

Lots of STAR Energy too – I see 5 star tetrahedrons and a 5 pointed star fish (like the recent Venus Starpoint of love!)

Now I am seeing the powers and guides who came.

Angels, Quan Yin, Buddha, Ixchel moon goddess, wolf, turtle, Jaguar… even a piece of Madre-the ayuahasca vine.

I just play with what I have and communicate in multiple dimensions as I dance, sing, chant and celebrate who I am becoming and who I have completed being.

As we head towards the 11-11 Portal Friday embrace change and let the loving guides of light support, guide, heal and celebrate you!

NOTE! an 11-11 Celebration of Light with Me and a few awesome light workers, energy workers, animal communicators and magical creatures!

Thursday 3-6pm Central join me on my >Youtube channel< for a FUN magical 3 hours of LIGHT, LOVE, HEALING, & MAGIC.

It is ALL to prepare you for your passage through the 11-1 portal on Friday!

As you connect into the big change you are in and with who you are becoming, ask your inner guidance if an >Akashic Reading Healing Guidance Session< with me is optimal.

They are on special and it’s and powerful time to connect and get exact guidance for your highest good!!

The AMAZING THINGS you get to see, heal, receive, and become in these sessions of being description.

The most common comment is WOW. I feel completely different… at peace, energized… free…

Whatever your heart yearns for for is calling you!

Let’s connect you to your highest powers, good and purpose.

Love and joy!

Enjoy the end of the video where I give you a chance to look into a beautiful Sri Yantra Sacred geometric portal. You can pause the video and meditate on it.

Be sure that you watch the >Spiritual Weather Report< for this blood moon eclipse week as well as do the >Multi Dimensional Meditation< for the full moon eclipse.

I’m doing it daily until Friday.

They’re really powerful to support you.