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About Akasha

“A Fairy Godmother…”

I didn’t want to live. Each breath was a painful reminder… my arms were empty, my heart in a million pieces, my daughter was dead. Then a book fell off a shelf into my arms… I opened it, and the light that kept me alive was revealed.

I would not be here today if it were not for healers like Louise Hay and Alton Kamadon who shared their wisdom. Now I am on a mission to spread LightBody™ Healing and empower people to free themselves from the past and live their purpose.

Nan Akasha CHT, Dhom, MM, KM, LBHP is a “Fairy Godmother” according to her clients. A seven time #1 Best Selling Author. A master healer and hypnotherapist, and doctor of Homeopathy, Akasha has studied with Shamans, healers and masters around the globe to create her own unique blend.

A Spiritual Teacher and powerful transformational agent of love and light, Akasha has created over 133 online programs like “Infinity Light Weaving”, “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow™ Writing” and the international bestseller “Flip Your Rich Switch™”.

Akasha’s Sacred lightbody work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission abundantly and with joy. To assist the planet into Unity consciousness, and help people from age 2 – 102 to master their energy field, Akasha has founded

She leads exclusive Sacred Activation Spiritual retreats (BlissLife Retreats Epic Equinox experiences) that blow the boundaries off what’s possible.

While Nan’s twin girls are in college she can be found spreading joy and love in the Mayan Riviera and around the world with her Soulmate Chris.

(Nan) Akasha has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, awarded the Women in Ecommerce award (from WE Magazine), and been featured on 100’s of radio & live stages across North America with (Lisa Sasevich, Arielle Ford, and Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale from the hit movie “The Secret”.)