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Testimonials from Retreat and School Students

"Thank you Nan for simply translating and being the bridge to understanding OUR LIGHT and COSMIC connection!"

Diana Frietas

Hi Nan! You beautiful and Divine Goddess, full of the most radiant Love and Light,

THANK YOU, SO, SO MUCH, FROM MY HEART, for all the wisdom and guidance you have so kindly shared with me over these last weeks through video links.
THANK YOU for the photos of the crystals which are AMAZING, just as Mother Gaia herself is, of course!

I am sending a gentle pink energy to your arm, for speedy healing with ease and grace NOW!!!



I wanted to share the profound change I've experienced since my private session with Akasha on Tuesday a week ago: It's been ****** .
I don't think there's an adjective in the English language for it (maybe I need to learn Sanskrit haha). Everything seems so much more "profound" real, vivid, connected, energy-backed, inspired, joyful, unchaotic, present, full, unfloundering, unlost, etc. It's not like all of a sudden I know the answer to everything but I feel more supported in the unknowing. That I really don't need to know, I am finding myself to be present.

In the first 48hrs I have not slept at all because I had a paper to finish for school then go to work. I was inspired to get the paper done and had a blast doing it. And then my day at work (which normally would be understated due to lack of sleep energy) was a hoot.

Then the following few days have been... different. Not bad, not heels up in the air yahoo, just a satisfying different. (Should mention we've had a heat wave with humidity levels through the roof here in Toronto so that may play a role)

In any case, I've observed myself swinging through the Hermetic principle of Rhythm. Watching myself experiencing life, detached but engaged.

Now it's been a over a week, and I've been doing the daily LB activations, I've felt lighter yet more substantial if that makes any sense.

Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. Yes I'm ready, more please.

Rayne Reilly

A magical moment from the BlissLife Equinix retreat was when l realized that l had a Mayan past life. There were messages left there for me and to feel at home among the Ruins was so Magical. I loved being there. Not observing a past but breathing it in and feeling the love for this special place. I was home, again. Praises to Ra !!!! Was a student again. So sweet to be welcomed home:blush:. To remember. Mnnnn. To receive unconditional love. Humbling and Joyous!!

Also, to feel at home in the jungle..l was so surprised. It was glorious!!

And to have my home coming captured on Camera absolutely filled me with Joy and absolutely validated my experience. I am always checking me..

The time in the Lagoon was also sweet and dear.....floating, being carried by the current,. Through the Mangrove was sublime, and the boat rides were invigorating, life affirming and just plain FUN!! Do much Fun!!! And to share with a new/ very old
friend was simply soooooooooooooo good!!! Icing on the cake!! Blissful!!! Joyous!!!!!!!


Before the end of the retreat i could see and understand what you see more and things are manifesting quickly... and the most powerful and magical was at The top of Cobá Mayan Pyramid, on the equinox, when I realized I had my special guide... (from Atlantis)
That was the first time during a guided meditation, with my pineal gland activated I could really experience, see and feel my guide merging and connecting with me...the colors along with an explosion of bliss… And my life has truly not been the same since...I can easily connect any time!”

John TheobaldAnd my life has truly not been the same since.

Testimonials from Past Courses

Nan Shares a Letter from a Client

“The reason I am so excited about Nan’s work is that since I began working with her Money Muse program, I have had $3500 of unexpected income, bonuses and freebies since December 1. Pretty impressive.” Nan Akasha is the fairy Godmother of Money. I have changed my whole relationship with money and feel so connected. I feel a whole new world has opened up to me...thanks!”

Catherine Behan San Diego, CA

“Your message is so important and your delivery is both angelic and empowering. Thank you again Nan. Many blessings.”

Jennifer Wichard

“I finally had a chance to listen to the voice of debt and I again, want to thank you. When I heard that a light bulb came on and I got it! My yummy money never abandoned me, I abandoned it! I disrespected it, it never disrespected me. I placed it in situations that was disrespectful to myself and to it.”


“I've wanted to tell you for a long time that I just love you! Whenever I join your Intend Global Healing calls, you always have such an incredible impact on me. You're so real and amazing in the most accessible, empowering ways. Being with you is like a big, heartfelt hug. You're as comforting and yummy as putting on a soft, cozy robe and cushy slippers. Bless you, woman! 😉 Love, hugs and smiles”

Marni Howard

“I want to thank you for wealth transformation class... I did follow the system quite religiously and it was wonderful. I learned about the wealth transformation classes a while ago- my negative beliefs - that I could not afford them were holding me back-- but now I am kicking myself for not taking it sooner- immediately after the I made the decision and listened to the classes, I was able to talk to my boss and "negotiated a raise" - so it worked instantly--the audio pays for itself in no time--POWERFUL !!! I need a "Guru" who can guide me and I feel you re the perfect one. Thanks Naan-- God Bless you for the Great work !!”

Raj Sharma

“Ok Nan - You Did It. Session 3 audio and the first audio of Session 4 were difficult for me to listen to. My body was "fidgety" (if that's really a word), and I had a hard time relaxing. A scenario in which I would NOT call a meditative state. Most notably, I had an extreme discomfort in my chest, arguably painful. After I listened to part 2 of session 4 last night, my chest, and even my abdomen, felt extremely light and even warm. I slept with a smile on my face, and I am still in a state of bliss right now. I thank you Nan, from all of my heart. Thank you for living your soul's purpose. Thank you for sharing. I needed this. I just gave you a big spiritual hug. I hope you felt it. With Love”

Jeremy Adamec

Since taking your class I have noticed that I have increased my loa awareness. I'm not as attached to the bad things regarding money as I normally would be. I've got 2 things going on now and I'm not anxious as I handle them. I know the money is on it's way and will be soon! Thanks!


Hey Nan! Your fantastic tele-class, "Take Control of Your Thoughts" is really helping me to take control of my life. You are so right about self-image! My total life experience, my happiness all depends on how I think about myself. Well, no wonder ...:-) I have only listened to the class twice and I already know that I'm on the road to some big, positive changes in my life. I definitely feel some kind of shift happening. This is so on time because I'll be turning 50 this year and I don't want to continue old behavior patterns that are getting me nowhere and keeping me unfulfilled. Your clear, "easy breezy," down-to-earth style of communication has allowed me to go deeper and really "get it." Hopefully, I'll be getting your book that I ordered tomorrow, but this is the message that I needed to hear first. Thank you so, so much. Blessings right back at you, girl!

Kathy Diaz

Right now I am devouring your book. This stuff is absolutely amazing. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Ethel Jackson

Thank you so much for the work you are doing! I so appreciate it! You are a wonderful human being! Thank you.

Lisa Phillips-Cardinal

Nan, I am SO glad that the Universe directed my cries of desperation, confusion and despair to you & your web/material!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU AND YOUR WEBSITES!!!!!!! I AM SO SO SO GLAD THE UNIVERSE DIRECTED ME TO YOU!!!!!!! I will be emailing you more, later.

Martha Howard

Hi Nan, It's Ruby---Thank you so much for your gifts! I want to say that I am so glad to have made this connection with you. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. I have been paying much closer attention to my life and it is really a good life. I don't know why I was so miserable. Isn't that something! That first class was worth the cost of the whole series! I knew I was to take this class. You are a wonder! I so appreciate you. Thank you so much for all you do!


Nan's Magnetic Wealth book is the exact thing that people need to read right now who are struggling and stressed out about money. It's more than just powerful affirmations this book really allows you to identify what your money blocks are while giving you the tools you can use to shift your money vibe instantly into attraction mode.

Heather Picken, The Spirit Trainer, Best selling author, Spiritual Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, and founder of the Quantum Entrepreneur Program.

Here's my experience with inviting the Spirit of Money like Nan teaches -- when it was behind me, I felt a nudging on my back, l gently urging me forward, an essence who wanted nothing more than to please. Like a Schmoo from an old cartoon; If you were hungry, a Schmoo would jump into the frying pan; if you needed your laundry done, a Schmoo would do it for you. They made life very easy for the people of Dogpatch. So the Spirit of Money, this huge, soft Schmoo, is on my right -- has my hand in its hand, boogeying, bouncing, dancing -- it led me in an improv or two -- playful. Then when it was on my left, the Spirit of Money was protective, comforting. When it was in front of me, it was nurturing and supportive. As I have a fear-based relationship with money, this was a wonderful experience. I am raising $20,000 for a humanitarian project ( and Nan’s Money class has reduced my fear and my sense of being too small to do something (for me) so big. Thanks!

Sandra Williams

Nan, I would say you are even better than Abraham Hicks on steroids!

Veronica Woolford

Thank you so much for the work you are doing! I so appreciate it! You are a wonderful human being!


Thank Nan!!! My goodness I love your shows!! I always find something powerful that resonates!! I can listen to these over and over again!! Muah!

Amada Joon

Nan is a terrific women I met at workshops with my friend and co-author, Joe Vitale. Like Joe and like me, she believes strongly in the Law of Attraction, and is a talented guide for anyone who wants to learn how to manifest wealth.

Jillian Wheeler, Co Author of “Your Internet Cash Machine”

I am still marveling at our session together, and the Everything has a voice class...huge impacts in my life with my husband, myself, my thoughts...keep up the life changing work 🙂 Blessings, Tami

Tami Gulland,, Madison, WI