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Spiritual Weather Report: Enter Earth & a Royal Activation

Do the Multidimensional Meditation Activation crown chakra awakening for this week aligned with these energies >here<
I shared some of the profound spiritual, psychedelic, out-of-body type experiences I’ve been having for the last week. I even share some of my client’s experiences, so you can get an idea of what you might be experiencing

Spiritual Weather Report

Remember! Your Weekly Spiritual Weather Report with guidance on the important energies each week PLUS a guided meditation, cleansing, or journey aligning you with power or the energy. You can watch the replay below anytime!

 Take a Breath

Find out the important energies for this week as the full moon fades, the new destiny directions continue to download and we move towards a Crown Chakra Activation next Monday, Aug. 22. This week you need to rest, enjoy and receive as you prepare for the Weekend Royal Transition. This Star energy connects you to guardians and holds wonderful energies like good fortune, abundance, royal nature, and being your own master/leader/authority. It is time for you to decide for yourself and trust your inner self. Get ready to switch your mind from poor to rich. Do the meditation which starts at 33:46

Lions Gate Portal Activation

Join me for a very special Lions Gate Portal Activation on this special double Infinity day! STARTS AT 5 min 10 seconds. Get comfy and be somewhere to go deep because we were cleansed and unburdened of our past heavy energy. We were held and healed by the Egyptian Cat Goddess Bast… we were purified by amber, and bee energies… we were rejuvenated by the Sirius blue light and sun… once we entered the 8-8 Infinity gate the rainbow healing began on our DNA and we were taken to the Hathors Temple in Egypt to a sacred space just for you. Your heart was unburdened and then asked to receive all it needs, and recognize it is right there around it! This was amazing because we could fully receive, having dumped so much old heavy energy. The Hathors healed and freed our hearts, giving it wings. We entered the Orion stargate portal which will be holding us now through Friday, so repeat this and share it too!

Lions Gate Power

Lions Gate 8-8 this week! The peak of this incredible energy: LEO SUN FIRE & SIRIUS SPIRITUAL SUN. That energy gate opens a big influx of energy and aligns Infinity to Infinity (Above and Below – 8/8 – vs an infinity symbol side to side). We will have an amazing portal opening aligning with the 3 stars of Orion’s belt aligning with the three pyramids at Giza, Egypt. This means more power is coming to our solar plexus, and balancing the masculine and feminine energies these suns represent.